Mp3 Skull music download website works like Mp3 Juices

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MP3 Skull Free Music Download

There are so many websites to download mp3 songs for free. We have already discussed many of them. MP3 Juice tops the list because it has the ability to bring songs from 10 sources to one place. If MP3 Juice website is not working, you can try MP3 Skull that also searches the songs from various sources, and allows to download free music.

Just to remind that this is not the original MP3Skull website. MP3Skull has been shut down for good, and it paid $22.2m in fine for its illegal activity. If you see some websites using the logo of MP3 Skull, that’s still a fake website. When you look for MP3 Skull in Google Search, you will find so many websites using this name, but in this article, we are talking about “”.

How MP3 Skull Free Music Download Website Works

Let me share the screenshot for MP3 Skull to make the things clear how it works.

MP3 Skull

MP3Skull has no songs stored on its server, but when you type the song name, artist name or album, it searches YouTube, Sound Cloud, Spotify, and Archive, and convert the file in downloadable mp3 format. Users can simply click on download link and download the file as simple as that.

How to download free music from MP3 Skull Website

  • Visit
  • Select the Sources to search songs. YouTube and SoundCloud are selected by default, and the best thing to do is leave it as it is
  • Type Song Name, Artist Name or Album Name in the search field, and hit enter key
  • Now you get Play as well as Download Option. You can click Play to test the file if you have got the right one
  • Now you can click on Download button to download the song, and download link will be ready in a couple of seconds
  • Simply hit the download link to download the file in MP3 format

Convert YouTube to Mp3 On MP3 Skull

MP3 Skull also works as YouTube Converter. When YouTube is selected as a source (underneath search field), it already fetches files from YouTube and converts them to downloadable MP3. However, You can still paste any YouTube URL in the search field and hit Enter to download YouTube Video as MP3. When you use a YouTube link, it takes a little time to download the file from YouTube and Convert them for you.

Convert YouTube to MP3

If you don’t want to use a website to download Music, you can use a free song downloader, like Music Paradise on Android Devices.

Note : You do see Spotify option to download MP3 songs, but it doesn’t work. When you search for a music file selecting Spotify, it will find the music. However, when you click on the download link, it will take you to Spotify that requires using Spotify account/app to play the file. Downloading is not possible by any means, Spotify Premium user can save it for offline access.