List of Free Music or MP3 Songs Download Websites

There are so many websites that allow downloading an unlimited number of music for free, but it could be annoying if you can’t find one. We are going to tell you some of the best websites that offer free music downloading service. If you are looking for applications for Android or iOS, please read our article about Free MP3 Downloader apps.

12 websites to download free music or MP3 songs


Download Free Music Files online

Jamendo allows downloading so many music files and Mp3 songs for free. However, you may not find the song you are looking for, because they claim to provide download option only for legally permitted music. Such files are distributed under Creative Commons licenses. Whenever you play a song, you will notice a legal exposure icon. Such icon help to understand what you can do with that music, e.g. there are 2 icons in the screenshot below; first of them (from left) describes that a music can be used for any purpose (except commercial) as long as you provide the name of the original author. Visit their page for the legal explanation.

Creative Common Licence

2. Amazon.Com

Amazon has a large number of free music that you can download. Along with Online Shopping option, Amazon deals in many other things that include Music as well as videos. All the music files available on Amazon are not free, but you can visit this page to download many free Music files. You can also play the file clicking on play icon before you download them.

Free music on Amazon



This is another website that allows downloading free music files under Creative Common License. Free Music Archive (FMA) claims to provide only those music that can be downloaded, shared, remixed or use for commercial purpose legally. The music is available in various categories, and you can also upload your own files. They don’t charge anything for downloading, but they do have to donate option for those like to help them for their great work. Visit FreeMusicArchive to download Music files for free.

4. BenSound

Like some other websites, BenSound also allows downloading free Mp3 Songs. They claim to have a great list of royalty free music files that you can download from there. As far as licensing is concerned, they have got four kinds of plans; Free, Standard, Extended, TV/Radio Ad License. Subscription charge changes depending on what you want to do with the track. Visit BenSound, and click on Licensing for more detail.


5. Noisetrade

NoiseTrade.Com has got free Albums and Music files from thousands of artists that are available to download for free. You need to register on their website to download any file, and you can also sign in using your Facebook account. Along with Music, NoiseTrade also has a huge collection of free eBooks that you can download.

6. MP3.Com

MP3 site

MP3.Com sounds like a very powerful music website, but this is not the case. They don’t have so much to offer as far as MP3 songs are concerned. However, if you are looking for free music files, this has got so much to offer. Once you visit their website, just hover the mouse pointer on Free Music, and select the category to download the music. If you click on Free Music option, you will always find a blank page (it seems there is an error), so you just need to hover and select the category.

7. PureVolume

Free MP3 allows to download and stream thousands of free music legally. It could be hard to locate download button on this site, but it’s very simple. You will see two options associated with music file; Embed and Free MP3. When you click Free MP3 option, the music file will start downloading.

8. SampleSwap

Sample Swap is one of the great websites if you are looking for various kind of Sample or royalty free music files. They have got thousands of free loops and audio samples for electronic music and sample files. The inspiration category on the website allows doing something different that is intended to inspire music creators or DJs. Visit them to find out everything they offer.

9. CCMixter

Looking for some awesome free music to mix? CCMixer is a right place to find music for games, videos, podcasts etc.. Many musicians post samples on this website, and you can also license royalty free music for a commercial purpose. They collaborate with about 45,000 musicians around the world. Visit CCMixer to know more about such music files and download them.

10. NetLabels is a great place to discover free music in many languages. They have over 61,000 of audio files that you can download or stream online. Like rest of the other sites we explained, these files are also free to download and stream under Creative Common License.

11. 4Shared

4Shared is not a website for music downloading only, but it allows to download various stuff, like Apps, Videos, Images, Books etc.. 4Shared is full of many Mp3 songs and music files that you can download. Start Searching on 4Shared, and find your favorite music files.


MP3 Juice is a unique website that allows searching music from various websites, that includes. VK, SoundCloud, YouTube, 4Shared, PromoDJ, Archive, 3DI, Goer, YourListen and Yandex. There are 10 sources to find music from, and you can customize the result clicking on Manage Sources option. In the screenshot below Mp3juice will search only 4Shared and YouTube for the search term I type. It also shows the selected source/total available source (2/10).


When you search for a music file on Mp3 Juice, it shows the result with Download and Play link. If YouTube is selected as the source, you will be able to play YouTube file. Click on download option to start downloading the Song file in Mp3 format.

Music File download or play

Note : Downloading from MP3 Juices may be illegal if you are downloading a music file that is not free to download under Creative Common License. MP3 Juices let you download all the music (it could be legal as well as illegally). So play safe, or you may end up paying a huge fine. There are many more sites like Mp3Juices, but we have tried to bring only those websites that allow downloading free music files legally. For example; Download a royalty-free music from YouTube or Archive would not be illegal.

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