Where to Get Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Videos & Commercial Usage

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List of Websites to Download Royalty-Free Music Files

1. HookSounds

HookSounds has a great collection of music files from independent artists. They also have in-house artists that create music files. They have different types of licensing depending on what you need. There are many free music files that you can download and use with YouTube Videos and Personal use for free as long as you don’t monetize that video and provide the credit in the description. However, if you need it for commercial purposes, you need to get the license. You can either pay a one time for that particular soundtrack or you can subscribe to their subscription plan to get unlimited access to all types of licensing. The subscription method will suit you best if you create lots of content. The subscription costs just $29 each month when you pay for a year. Any music added to your videos is valid for a lifetime even when you end the subscription. However, the video must be published during the subscription.

2. Jamendo

Download Free Music Files online

Jamendo allows downloading unlimited music files and Mp3 songs for free as far as personal use is concerned. Whenever you play a song/music, you will notice a legal exposure icon. Such icon help to understand what you can do with that music, e.g. there are 2 icons in the screenshot below; first of them (from left) describes that a music file can be used for any purpose (except commercial) as long as you provide the name of the original author. You can also get the licensing or pay a certain amount to use their music files for commercial use or you can get a subscription plan that is cheaper than paying for each music. The Subscription option costs $399 / year or $49 / year. They also have a limit set of 50 Music Downloads daily. Once you reach that limit, you will have to wait for another day.

Creative Common Licence

3. FreeMusicArchive.org (FMA)


FreeMusicArchive is another website that allows downloading free music files under the Creative Common License. The music is available in various categories, and you can also upload your own music files as long as you hold the copyright. They don’t charge anything for downloading, but they do have to donate option for those like to help them for their great work. Most of the music files (not all) are free to use even for commercial purposes. The licensing term is mentioned with all the music tracks you play there. Clicking on the Licensing terms will show you the description of what you can use the music for.

4. BenSound


Like some other websites, BenSound also allows downloading free Mp3 Songs. They claim to have a large list of royalty-free music files that you can download from there. As far as licensing is concerned, they have got four kinds of plans; Free, Standard, Extended, TV/Radio Ad License. You can also opt subscription that requires you to pay 139 Euro (around 158 USD) years for a standard subscription that is actually a fit for YouTubers, but if you need them to use on the online web advertising and other stuff, you need an extended subscription that costs 390 Euro (around 444 USD). Visit BenSound, and click on Licensing for more detail.

5. SampleSwap

SampleSwap has a collection of various kinds of royalty-free music files. They have got thousands of free loops and audio samples for electronic music and sample files. The inspiration category on the website allows doing something different that is intended to inspire music creators or DJs. Every song has licensing terms mentioned that you can click on the find detail. Some of free even for commercial use and some restrict to personal and non-commercial use.

6. CCMixter

Looking for some awesome free music to mix? CCMixter may be the right place to find music for games, videos, podcasts, etc.. You are free to download and listen to Music tracks from CCMixter and even use on your YouTube videos. However, monetization and commercial use are not allowed for most of the files.

7. NetLabels

NetLabels is a great place to discover free music in many languages. They have over 61,000 of audio files that you can download or stream online. Like the rest of the other sites we explained, these files are also free to download and stream under Creative Common License. So you can add to your personal video as well as YouTube video provided that the videos are not being monetized or used for commercial purposes.