Music Paradise Pro, Android MP3 Downloader App

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Music Paradise Pro Downloader

There are so many free music streaming apps that you can download on your Smartphone or tablet, but they are useless if you are not connected to the internet. Some of them allow to listen to music in offline mode, but they require users to subscribe to premium service. You can play music offline as long as you are a premium subscriber, and it requires users to pay a certain amount each month.

Music Paradise Pro : An Android Music Player and Downloader

Music Paradise Pro is an application that is available for Android platform only. If you don’t have an Android device, you can use fee music download websites to download on other devices including computers. This app allows users to download an unlimited number of music files for free, and it’s not about download only, but you can play them online to check if you are downloading the correct file. If you don’t want to download, you can use it as Music Streaming player. We have already discussed many music downloader applications, but this one is the most popular music downloader application.

Requirement and apk file Download Link for Music Paradise Pro

Requirement: An Android Smartphone or Tablet running Android 4.0 or newer version

Download Musick Paradise Pro

Installation guide: You device may not allow installing the application. So you need to enable the option “Unknown Source (allow installation of apps from an unknown source)” from your smartphone or tablet settings. This option is usually located under privacy or security, but it may vary depending on the device model or brand.

How to use Music Paradise Pro app, or download music from this app

  • Launch Music Paradise Pro app on your smartphone
  • Type the Song Title, Album or Artist name in the search field
  • Hit Search icon, and you will get multiple results of the same song, just like you get on any website (some of the songs listed there may have broken link, and they will fail to play. In this case try another one)
  • If you can’t find a song you are looking for, tap the Search Engine option, and select another Search Engine. There are multiple Search Engines to find songs, but they have not mentioned which one they use
  • Once you find the song, tap on it to play
  • When the song starts playing, you can hit the Next or Previous button to play the next or previous song from the search result
  • when you want to download the songs, click the Download option that is located just underneath player
  • Music Paradise Pro app can also be used as music Player. Tap on the options icon within the app (located on the top left corner), and tap Library option. You will see the downloaded files her, and you can play them
  • Where do downloaded files go: All the downloaded files can be found under “MaterialMusicDownloader” folder using any file manager app. Music Paradise Pro creates this folder automatically that you can navigate through the file manager
  • All the downloaded files can be played using any Music player, and can also be shared or transfer to other devices, including smartphones and computers

Note: Music Paradise Pro supports ads, so don’t get confused by its name. Pro has just been added to its name, because it allows to Play as well as download music, but the app is still free to download (use the download link given in the requirement section of this article).

Should I use Music Paradise Pro application

As far as features are concerned, the app is very useful to Play as well as download music, and it is probably the best music downloader application. However, you can’t find this application in Google Play Store, because Google can’t put something in Play Store that contains pirated content. So you may get it trouble if you use such app to download music files.

We are not affiliated with Music Paradise Pro by any means, and we don’t hold the responsibility for any consequences that such apps may cause to your device/you.