Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone

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Free Music Apps

There are so many Music apps that you can use on your Android and iOS devices, some are paid and some are free. We will tell you only those apps that allow streaming full songs for free. However, please understand that Free Apps serve ads and may have some limitation to skip songs or related to sound quality. Ads are what make them earn some bucks to live. So that should not be a problem if you are looking for free apps.

Download Free Apps and Stream Music on your iPhone and Android


Spotify is the most popular music application that you can download for Android and iOS Devices. Just look for the app in App Store/Play Store, and you will be able to install on your device. They have a great collection of music that you can stream for free.

Download : iOS   |   Android


If Spotify is not available in your country Deezer is the best alternative.Deezer covers more territories compared to Spotify and it is also free. You will not find any difference in Sound Quality whether you use Spotify or Deezer. You can also read our article about Deezer vs Spotify for detailed comparison.

Download : iOS   |   Android

Google Play Music

Google Play Music app comes preinstalled on many Android Devices. However, it shows only stored music for many regions, and streaming option is limited to some specific regions that you can check here clicking on Music option. Like Spotify and Deezer it also comes with free as well as paid subscription.

Download : iOS   |   Android

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is a great app to listen to free music and upload your content. Sound Cloud comes with a huge music library uploaded by Singers as well as users. You can also upload your own music collection, and listen to them on the go.

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YouTube Music

We already know that we can watch Videos on YouTube Music, and there is no app that can compete YouTube as far as Music Videos collection is concerned. However, YouTube has a separate app that has specifically been made for Music lovers. It comes with great features to bring your favorite music to you. Try once, and you would love it for sure.

Download : iOS   |   Android

Pandora Radio

Pandora Music comes with the effortless features. You can just start with your favorite artist name, song name or composer, and Pandora will do rest of the things. It also allows creating customized stations to play your favorite music.

Download : iOS   |   Android

TuneIn Radio & Music

TuneIn Radio & Music app comes with over 100,000 radio stations including, music, talk, sports, religion, gossip and so on… It also streams some live channels.

Download : iOS   |   Android


It’s an ad-free application that allows to stream music, talk, sports, comedy and other entertainment stations. If you don’t like ads within the app, you can try this application.

Download : iOS   |   Android

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio comes with hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations to keep you entertained, and you can also enjoy exclusively hosted music shows every week on Slacker.

Download : iOS   |   Android

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is another great app for Music Lovers. iHeart Radio allows to listen to every day top music, and find the music that you love the most, or you can enjoy so many radio station that comes with much more than music only.

Download : iOS   |   Android


If you love Hindi/Bollywood Music, you will like Saavn app. This is the best application to stream Hindi music online. They also have a Pro app that allows saving songs for offline access.

Download : iOS   |   Android


Another app to stream Bollywood music. However, they also have a little collection of English Music, and you can enjoy radios and preselected playlists.

Download : iOS   |   Android

Hungama Music

Along with Audio Songs, they also have videos to watch. Comes with ad-supported free subscription, or you can subscribe ad-free to be a pro user.

Download : iOS   |   Android

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