LG mocks Apple, but check LG V10 vs iPhone 6s battery life

LG mocks Apple for bump ride

LG Jordan has posted an image mocking iPhone 6s showing LG V10 elegant design “A moment of silence for those experiencing a bumpy ride.” LG has not said that it is specifically for iPhone 6s, but this is what we guess. What could be the bump?

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Apple has launched an iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case that comes with additional battery. This is the first time Apple has launched something like that officially. The battery attached in this case can be charged by lightening cable, and it also supports lightening dock. This smart case is compatible with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, and features 1877 mAh battery. It can provide up to 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of internet usage on LTE network etc.. As it’s an Apple product, it works better with iPhone compared to any third party similar products.  The battery icon is showed on the lock screen and notification center, so you know when to charge it again. iPhone 6s Smart Battery case is available in 2 colors; Charcoal Black and White.

iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Bumpy Ride

Carrying a battery in iPhone case makes it bumpy on the back as you can see the picture. This case could be very useful when you are traveling and need to run the device longer than usual.

iPhone 6s carries only 1715 mAh battery, and LG V10 features a 3000 mAh battery. However, LG V10 is a large display phone, and comparing with iPhone 6s doesn’t make sense. If we compare with iPhone 6s Plus, it features a 2750 mAh battery. However, the Smart Battery Case is not made for 6s Plus, so we will stick to iPhone 6s battery life and bump thing.

So far you got that iPhone 6s is the worst smartphone in terms of battery life, but here is the catch.

Ask yourself what is most important for you in a high-end smartphone?

  • Longer Talk Time?
  • Longer Internet Surfing Time?
  • Longer Video/Music Playback Time?

Well, Talk Time is least concerned thing to most of the users when buying any expensive device, Internet, Music, Video or gaming are the primary concern.

GSMArena has done tests and posted the Battery Life of each devices that you should know.

iPhone 6s vs LG V10 Battery Life based on GSMArena Test Report (for iPhone 6s and for LG V10)

Talk Time : 9 hours 41 minutes VS 16 hours 40 minutes

Web Browsing : 12 hours 27 minutes VS 8 hours 20 minutes

Video Playback : 10 hours 46 minutes VS 7 hours 30 minutes

So it was 1715 mAh battery VS 3000 mAh battery. If we calculate to find out the average thing of both phone the result would be as follows;

iPhone 6s : 658 Mins

LG V10 : 650 Mins

Note : To calculate (average), we added Talk Time + Web Browsing + Video Playback, and divided by 3.

It’s not about how powerful battery a smartphone has, it’s about how optimized the system is. In the same way, iPhone 6s with dual-core CPU scores much higher in benchmark test compared to LG V10 with hexa-core processor, and many other devices with octa-core processor.

GeekBench 3 Score

LG V10 (LGE LG-H900) : Single-Core : 1195 (best so far), Multi-Core : 3652 (best so far)

iPhone 6s (best so far) : Single Core : 2576, Multi-Core : 4484

Well, the bump is not the point, iPhone 6s already has enough battery life even in smaller size phone. iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is an optional thing, and it depends on you whether you want that bump or not. Such bump to have twice battery life and to protect your device could be useful. Or you can just put it on when you need it.

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