Why shouldn’t you trust sites that calculate Websites’ Value

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They are so many websites that claims to calculate real value for any website or blog, but how do they do that? Are they real? Well, the real value of the website can be calculated by the owner only or by them who have the access to website properties and analytics.

When you type “Website Worth” in the Google Search, you will find many websites in search result. When you visit the website, you will be asked to enter the domain name, and then they start analyzing your blog/website.

What are they accurate about?

Website Valuation sites are accurate about only these stuffs;

  • Google Index Pages
  • Alexa Rank
  • Website Title
  • Meta Description
  • Partially accurate social media report

They only know those stuffs that any one can check. Social Media Report shown by them is inaccurate. They don’t show accurate FaceBook Likes, FaceBook Shares, Twitter Shares, Google Plus Followers, Twitter Followers etc.. Some of the Website Valuation sites doesn’t even show the accurate index pages by Bing and Yahoo Search.

What they fake or guess?

  • Websites’ Value (in Dollar)
  • Estimated Traffic
  • Earning from Ads
  • Keywords

Whatever they show regarding website value, traffic or income, it is just a wild guess. Some bloggers may realize that their report are accurate according to their earnings and Google Analytics report. That could be a coincidence only, nothing more than that.

The most important thing is the keyword. Such websites never show the correct keywords for any blog. Now you can assume how a website can estimate the value if it doesn’t even know the keywords for the blog. You should never rely on their report.

I am not sure how they estimate web traffic, but the Alexa Ranking could be primary point to estimate traffic. Well, Alexa Ranking could also be confusing many times. For example, If you have a blog that gets 2,000 hits every day, and you are the only one to publish content on the blog, then your Alexa Ranking will be much lower compared to a blog getting 1,000 hits each day having 5 users to posts the content on the blog. This is how Alexa works, and this is the quickest way to reduce Alexa.

So there is nothing to worry if such websites show low traffic or low ranking for your website or blog. All you have to do is work on the content, and keep an eye on Keywords. Use Keyword Ranking Checker Tools to find the keywords with low competition, and try to rank your blog.

What you should care about?

There are many things to care about, instead of wasting time on checking your website value.

  • Optimize website for Mobile and Computer. It will improve ranking. You can use Google’s Site Analyzer tool to find issues with your blog
  • Write keyword rich content, but don’t force keywords in content
  • You can add Adsense’s Page Level Ads to your blog. It will boost earning if you have many visitors coming from mobile devices
  • Works on Search Traffic, because Social Media or direct traffic won’t make you earn from Adsense. Such Traffics can be monetized serving CPM based ads
  • Use Google Analytic and Webmaster tool to learn more about your website behavior, traffic and issues
  • Stop serving pop-up ads, it will drive visitors away, or they will be forced to use Ad blocker. You will be at loss eventually

What is the genuine way to estimate a website value?

  1. Keywords
  2. Search Traffic

For example, your website receives 1000 traffic each day. You have written some highly keyword optimized content, and managed to get first page in Google Search Result. So this 1000 traffic can reach 100,000 even in less than a month. It all depends how well you write a content, and optimize your website for Mobile and Computer. These days almost half of the traffic comes from Smartphones and Tablets, so you should take it seriously.

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