Best CPM Based High Paying ad Networks of 2016

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Earning from blog could be tough sometimes when you don’t know what you are dealing with. There are various ad networks that you can join, but all of them don’t work the same way.

When we talk about Ad Networks, Google AdSense is the first ad network everyone wants to join. Getting approval from Google Adsense is not a hard nut to crack, but some users get their Google Adsense Account Banned due to various issues. Whether you are running Adsense or not, you can use some other Ad Network to Boost revenue. Adsense is basically a CPC Ad Network that pays based on Ad Clicks.

Why to join CPM based Ad Network?

If you realize that you you get many ad impressions, but fewer clicks, then you should certainly consider CPM Ad Network. If the CTR (Click Through Ratio) is high, nothing can beat Adsense. CPM Stands for Cost Per Mile where Advertiser/Ad Network pays for each 1000 Impression their ads get. Some Ad Network allows to set your own CPM rate, and some don’t.

Note : If you already Run Adsense, and joining other Ad Network that deals in Google/Double Click Ad Exchange Program, please don’t serve more than 5 Ad Banners each page, else You will get Banned by Adsense. Among five Banners, Maximum of 3 Ad banners can be served from Adsense.

Top CPM Based Ad Network


Getting Approval from BuySellAds is quite tough, and it’s not about because of Visitors Count. I have seen sites getting approved even with less than 50K Visitors each month. However, you must have a clean design, original and regularly updated content. If you already have so many ads on your Blog, try taking them off for a couple of days when you apply for BuySellAds. Once you get the approval/rejection mail, you can adjust the ad back. Try your luck submitting your site for approval.

BuySellAds is the best CPM Ad Network you can use, because you are allowed to set your own CPM rates, and they can also serve Ad Exchange ads on your unsold inventory if you want. So you get the best fill rate in the industry.


AdsOptimal is partner with Adsense, Double Click and Criteo. They deal in CPM, CPC as well as Action based ads. You also get free credit as SignUp bonus. Premium Website Owners with high traffic gets $15, and rest gets $10 after you successfully setup ads on your website/blog.

Note : After you register on AdsOptimal, you need add your site manually. To do that follow these steps;

  • Login with your ID and Password first
  • Then click the Get Code option
  • Now enter the domain of your website/blog (just domain not whole URL, i.e.
  • Click Search button, and wait until it locates your domain detail
  • Now hit the Add button to add your website, and wait to get the approval
  • Once Approved you will have the option to get Add Code

Ads Optimal Instruction


EPOM Market

Epom also pays based on Impression, and their eCPM rate is good enough. If the traffic to your website is low, the eCPM rate will go down, but it still beats many other ad networks. eCPM rate also goes up if your website is able to generate a decent number of click. Along with many other ad networks they are partner with Google ADX as well as Criteo. If you are already serving Adsense Ads, please make sure that you don’t serve more the 5 Ad banners including Adsense and ePOM (Maximum 3 banners from Adsense). Give it a try for few days, and then you can compare the revenue with other ad network.


You may have heard of this first time, but this sites used to known as Tribal Fusion in the past. Their CPM rate is the best in the industry, but you need to have a website with regularly updated original content, and Unique Visitors over 500,000 each month. If it is so, Exponential is the second best network you must try after BuySellAds.


Adversal is a very old ad network that comes with various kind of ad options; Banner ads, Pop-up ads, Ministitial Ads etc.. You can place maximum of 4 ad banners per page. You can try Adversal along with Adsense Ads. Adversal is a great fit for all kind of blogs and websites, whether you run a gaming, streaming, downloading or even a news site.


It used to known as ValueClick earlier. If you are not getting approved by Other CPM based Ad Network because of low traffic to your Blog, ConversantMedia is the one you can try. They approve sites with minimum 3000 Unique Visitors each month.


eCPM rate given by PropellerAds is very competitive, and it is one of the best Ad Network if you want to serve pop-up ads. However, they also have ad banners without pop-ups. They pay in time, and the minimum payout is $100.

They have also got one unique ad type that is known as direct link. They provide a link that you can put anywhere; On your website, Social Media, Forums and anywhere you want. When anyone click on this link, you are get paid. The CPM rate for such ad type is can even beat pop up ads. So they pay a handsome CPM rate for direct link ads.

OneDisplayMP or Advertising

OneDisplayMP and Advertising both are same, when you try to signup on Advertising.Com, it will redirect you to OneDisplayMP. It’s an AOL venture that offers Revenue Share as well as CPM based Ads. If you have a site with high traffic (500K and more), you must give them a try. They are partnered with many big brands that will certainly help to boost your revenue.


Criteo is a very popular ad network that served 710 billion ads in 2015. Criteo has a base of around 11,000 Advertiser that can help to monetize most of the impressions. Criteo also allows to set your own desired CPM rate, and this is what any publisher needed the most. Along with desired CPM rate, you can set backup ad tag. When any ad doesn’t meet the CPM rate set by you, backup ad will be served.

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