Tubidy Mobile Website For Music and Video Downloading, Are They Legal?

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Tubidy is basically a mobile website, but it works very well on the computer. However, the content on this website is dedicated to mobile devices. It is one of the most popular websites that get millions of hits every month. So what do they really offer?

What can you do on Tubidy.mobi?

  • Search Music and Video files.
  • Stream Music and Videos.
  • Download videos for Mobile devices in MP4 and 3GP format.
  • Download Audio or Music files in MP3 and MP4 format.
  • Register on the website, and upload the videos from your mobile devices, and let other users download them.
  • Create your own customized Playlist.
  • It also shows Top Videos and Top Search terms based on users’ query.
  • A logged in user can use My recent viewed option to find out what videos he/she has recently watched.

How Tubidy Mobile Website Works

According to Tubidy, it shows only those video that users have uploaded, and let users watch from their website for free without any restriction of country and network. You can simply type video/album/music name, and Tubidy will search it quickly for you.

How to Download Video or MP3 files from Tubidy

  • Visit https://tubidy.mobi/ from your Mobile or Computer.
  • Type the Music, Video, or Album name in the search field, and press OK/Enter button. It will show the list of all matching results.


  • Click/Tap on the file you want to download as MP3, MP4 or 3GP.
  • Tap on desired video or audio format you want to download.


  • Now you will get the download option, and you can download either by clicking, or tapping and holding on the file name, or using right-click and selecting save link option.


Should you download from Tubidy? Is it Legal or Illegal?

There are many websites that let users watch free movies or download free music, but most of them are involved in illegal activities. Letting users download premium contents for free is illegal if you don’t have copyright or permission from its maker. We have mentioned a clear step-by-step guide with images how a user can download media files from Tubidy, but when you visit Tubidy’s FAQ page, it forbids users from downloading videos. They ask to stream videos or listen to music online only. Downloading content for offline use is not allowed. However, Tubidy let users download all the content, and they have dedicated download option, and we have already shown this above in the screenshot.

Any website that allows users to upload content, and share with other online users must monitor what other users upload. For example, YouTube keeps deleting so many videos if the user has uploaded a copyright content, or when the owner or copyright holder has reported YouTube. Many contents are removed even when other YouTube users report them.

So if you are using Tudiby and downloading contents from their, you should not assume it to be safe to download free stuff. When you are caught, you may need to pay a huge fine.