The top 7 games of the month for your Smartphone or tablet

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If you are a true gamer, you have to equip your Smartphone or the tablet with best games for maximum enjoyment, according to your tastes, abilities as well as new mobile or tablet’s graphics. Today we bring you the top 7 games of the month for your Smartphone or tablet. Let’s review the list:

Mr. Jump

Flappy Bird style comes to the game that is still waiting on the App Store and will soon be on Android. This little runner needs you to help him dodge all obstacles. What you can do by simply touching the screen.

It is a game of touch, which is revolutionizing all app stores. Despite the simplicity of the graphics, the game is so addictive that already has about 6 million downloads and still growing.

Modern Combat 5

Do you enjoy war games? This is the most famous on the app stores of Smartphone; military shooter returns in the free version so you can enjoy this king of the genre, which has generated a flurry of shock.

Fruit Ninja

It’s a spectacular game where the Ninja with its tool has to cut fruits, which fall from the sky. You’ll have to avoid the grenades and bombs, in addition to not drop any fruit on Ninja. Fruit Ninja was one of the first famous panorama Android games and therefore could not miss on our list.

The Sims

The legendary game that lets you control your character reaches Smartphone for free so you can enjoy as on your computer or your tablet; it’s most famous life simulator.

8bit Doves

The 8bit is trendy again, and it has been shown that the new game 8bit is to download for free on the App Store, but paid on Android. Despite its retro graphics, is offering hours of entertainment to thousands of users.

Real Racing 3

One of the games more real race cars we find in Google Play. Real Racing 3 lets you choose from over 100 vehicles, including Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini. Who can resist this? It’s a game with spectacular graphics and the ability to play in real circuits.

Subway Surfers

Within the category of endless runner, this funny game in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a group of surfers, not actually surf, but rails, hence it’s named as Subway Surfers. Obviously, you have to dodge or get on the train to avoid a disastrous end.

Do not delay to download all these games for your Smartphone and enjoy nonstop with Unlimited internet; where you can talk and surf without worries!

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