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About Tetris Unblocked Game

The game should not take longer to load. However, wait until the game loads. Once loaded, you will get two options; High Score and Play. High Score option will not show anything if you haven’t played even for once and scored something. So you can click on Play option. Now select the level by clicking on left or right arrow sign. There are 10 levels in this game and you can play any level. For example, You haven’t cleared from Level 1 to Level 9, but you can still select and Play Level 10. Once, you select the level, click on OK option to start the game.

The game will look very familiar because we have already played this game in our childhood. If you remember the traditional gaming device with small black and white screen that used to come with some preloaded games, like Atari Breakout, Snake Game, and even Tetris.

Now press Left and Right arrow keys to move the objects to place on the desired place. You can press Up Arrow Key sign to change the objects’ angle to make it fit for other objects. Your target is to create flat lines without any gap. Each created flat line will break automatically and you will make points.

I hope you understand the game now, start playing Tetris Unblocked Game and have fun.

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