Play Bomb It 6 in Single Player or Multiplayer Mode

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Note: Please Allow a  few seconds to load the game. It won’t work without Flash Player. So make sure it is installed.

If you have already played, you can start playing. However, if you are going to play this game for the first time and want to know more about it, please read the article below gameplay screen.

How to Play Bomb It 6 Game?

The control key for Bomb It 6 game changes depending on single player and multiplayer modes. If you are playing as Single Player Mode, please use Arrow keys to move and Space key to bomb. However, when you are playing in Multiplayer mode, Player 1 will have to press A, W, S, and to move and Space key to bomb. Player 2 will press Arrow Keys to move and Enter button to bomb.

When the game loads Click on Start Button. Now you will be asked to select a Mode. You can use arrow keys to change the mode. There are many modes that are as follows;

Bomb It 6 playing guide

Arcade Mode: Your target is to kill all your enemies.

Battle Royale: Kill at least 10 enemies to go to the next level.

Green Zone: Occupy 10 Green Zones to clear the level.

Survive: You must be the last one to stand.

Treasure Trail: Collect at least 10 coins to win.

Bomb it 6 options

After you select the mode, click on the Next Button. The next screen gives the option to select whether you want to play alone, or there will be 2 players to play the game. If there are 2 players you must connect 2 keyboards to the computer. Then select the number of enemies you want to keep as opponents. By default, Arena is usually selected as Random that you can change according to your liking. There are many options; Bathroom, Picnic, Baseball Environment, Castle, Polar Region, Farm, Garden, Aquarium, and Dollhouse. Changing the Arena will change the game’s visual view, but the rest of the features and options will remain the same. Finally, select the difficulty mode as Easy, Normal, or Hard. Click on OK and play the game.

Bomb it 6 is a cool unblocked game that you can play anywhere. Please note that it’s not all about setting bomb and killing. You will also get many power-ups while playing the game. Collect Power-ups, use it, and it will help you kill your enemies quickly. This way you can win the game, else it could be very tough to clear even easy levels. After setting the bomb don’t stay there, move quickly and hide. Don’t get stuck between your and opponent bomb, else the game will end immediately.

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