Snapdragon 820 will not be launched in 2015

Snapdragon 820 launch or release date

The title of the article must have made many users sad, but that’s what we have come to know. Qualcomm has gone through a huge loss in 2015 as some manufacturer didn’t use Snapdragon 810. Samsung launched its all new high-end smartphones with Exynos chipset. LG also skipped Snapdragon 810 and chose the older version. HTC chose Mediatek Helio X10 over Snapdragon 810 for HTC One M9+ Supreme camera edition and M9+. Xiaomi Mi 5 is being delayed, because they don’t want to use Snapdragon 810 again. There is only reason behind all of this, Qualcomm failed to resolve heat issue with Snapdragon 810. Sony did use this chip again in new smartphones, and they are being criticized, that will affect the sale for sure.

Qualcomm was spotted earlier testing Snapdragon 820 V3 version, and they are still busy in its optimization. Qualcomm must have learnt from its mistake, that any reputed company would not want to repeat.

Snapdragon 820 launch date delayed

Snapdragon 820 was expected to release by the end of 2015, and this is when so many devices were set to launch. However, the heat issue with Snapdragon 810 has forced Qualcomm to push the launch date further. Now Snapdragon 820 would be launched in the first quarter of 2016. Qualcomm wants to make sure that its upcoming chip would maintain normal temperature, and will not make device too hot.

Many smartphone manufacturers are waiting for Snapdragon 820 Chip, even Samsung Galaxy S7 has been rumored to launch with this chip in North America and China. Snapdragon 810 should have been the best chip Qualcomm has ever made so far, but it forces smartphone manufacturers to release an addition update to limit its performance. Limiting the performance manage to control the temperature for some extent. This is what Qualcomm doesn’t want to repeat with Snapdragon 820. Let’s hope to get a better chip this time. We all make mistakes, so did they, but not repeating it makes us the best.

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