How to send free Anonymous Emails with Fake Email Address/Detail

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Send Anonymous Email

There are many websites that allow to send Anonymous email for free. The email is usually sent from a temporary or fake email address that receiver can’t recognize or reply. Some Anonymous Email Service Providers allow to send as well as receive email anonymously.

Why would someone want to send Anonymous email or email from a Fake Email Address

There could be various reasons to do that. If you want to give someone feedback about his/her performance, attitude, behavior etc., you can send an anonymous email without disclosing your identity. It could also be used to have little fun with your close friends. Please don’t use it to create trouble in someone’s life or hurt someone’s feelings.

List of Websites to send Anonymous emails

Note : Some websites are not accessible in some countries, e.g. UAE. If this is the case, you can use a Proxy Site or Free VPN to unblock the site, and enjoy the service. Never type such messages or email address that feels spammy. If you do so, receiver’s email service provider will probably send it to Spam or Junk folder that most of the users don’t check regularly.

We have already discussed about some websites that you an use as temporary email address to receive verification emails or email from online services, but all of them don’t allow to send anonymous emails. JustLeak was one the great website to send email anonymously, but they have shut down the service. Here is list of working websites that you can use to send emails without disclosing your identity;

You can send anonymous email to anyone visiting this site. Simply type the Sender’s email Address & name, Receiver’s email address, and you can also type an email address in “Reply-to” field. Reply to field will allow receiver to reply the email to specified email address. You may skip this as it’s optional. Now enter the subject and message, attach file (maximum 2MB), and send. The mail is sent in real time basis.

Note : You can type any name as Sender’s name, and any email address as sender’s email address (even will work). (Send and Receive)

This website is kind of unique that allows to send as well as receive emails anonymously. Here is how to use this website to send and receive email;

  • Visit the website
  • Enter Receiver’s Name (could be anything), Receiver’s Email Address, Type Message
  • Enter Sender’s Email Address. It is optional, but you must enter correct email address, if you want to receive reply anonymously. Receiver will never know your email address
  • Enter the Captcha code, and hit “See More Option,” else you can click “Quick Send Now” to send without customization

See More Options

  • Now you can choose a subject line, or type custom subject
  • Choose an option under “Who From” Section
  • Verify your email address if it is correct. Please type correct email address to allow receiver to reply anonymously. If you don’t want to get reply, you can remove it
  • Click Send Your Feedback, and email will be sent

Email options

  • Receiver will receive your email with a link. Receiver can click on the link, and type a message to reply, and you will be notified with the message and reply link. You can also reply the person clicking the given link in the mail body. So you can have anonymous conversation. 

You can send anonymous email, and choose whether you want to receive reply or not. Receiving reply costs money, but they will also remove promotional content from the email that most of the free anonymous email service providers include.

The website come with pretty simple fields to fill. All you need to type is your fake name, your fake email address, receiver’s email address, subject, message, and send it after entering the verification code

There are many other websites that you can use, but make sure you are using the right website. Some websites fail to deliver message. So test the website first, and then send email to make sure receiver receives it.

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