How to send & receive Fax without Fax Machine

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Send and receive Fax without Fax Machine

Sending and receiving a Fax could be a pain sometimes when you don’t find a Fax Machine nearby. How about doing it from home without a Fax Machine. Yes, I am not kidding. It is possible with HelloFax. It allows to send Fax to a physical Fax machine as well as a copy to given email address (optional). In the same way, your Fax number will work exactly like Fax Machine, but all the fax sent to your Fax Number will be forwarded to you by email as PDF document.

HelloFax also allows to integrate it with Google Docs, so you can send Fax directly without leaving Google. It also allows to sign documents before you fax with HelloSign, and you can login to HelloSign with HelloFax account.

How to send Fax to a real Fax Machine online with HelloFax

  • You can download HelloFax Chrome App
  • Now open launch the app, and sign up for a new account or login with Google or Microsoft account
  • Click on Send a Fax
  • When you try to send a Fax first time, you will be asked if you want to send the copy as email too. You can select to send via email as well to you and/or all recipients mentioned in the recipients list. Selecting No one will send the fax to only Fax Number. This settings can be changed later when you need it

Fax Sending Options

  • Upload your document
  • You can click on Sign Document if you wish to sign
  • Enter the Fax Number

Send Fax with Hello fax

  • Click on “Send” to send Fax
  • The fax usually takes around 30 seconds to get delivered to the real Fax Machine

You can integrate HelloFax with Google Docs using this link

Free HelloFax account

There is one thing I didn’t like. According to their documentation on Chrome App store, they claim to be running special offer, and will give free 50 Fax Pages each month for 6 months to all new users. However, I signed up for the first, and got usual 5 free fax, and then account needs to be upgraded. Sending an email to their support team may help me to get that offer for six months, but I have not tried this. Free HelloFax account doesn’t allow to receive Faxes.

So HelloFax is actually a Virtual Fax machine that works like real Fax.

HelloFax Pricing

Free trial for 30 days with all HelloFax plan

You can receive Faxes with paid plan

After Free Trial;

$9.99 each month for 300 Fax Pages, Up to 5 members allowed in team

$19.99 each month for 500 Fax Pages, Up to 10 members allowed in team

$39.99 each month for 1000 Fax Pages, Up to 20 members allowed in team

You can save some money when you pay for one year together.