Samsung’s Mongoose Geekbench benchmark score

Geekbench benchmark score of Samsung Mongoose

Samsung’s upcoming SoC Mongoose Geekbench benchmark score has appeared. It has scored much better than any other chip. We posted an article earlier comparing Benchmark score of Kirin 950, Snapdragon 820 and and Exynos 7420. Where Kirin 950 was the winner. However, Samsung doesn’t wanna leave behind. Mongoose is based on ARM-V8A and features 2.4 GHz processor. 

Mongoose Geekbench Benchmark Score

Normal Mode

Single Core : 2136

Multi Core : 7497

Power Saving Mode

Single Core : 1698

Multi Core : 5263

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Single Core : 1323

Multi Core : 3498

Mongoose Geekbench Benchmark scoreNormal mode even surpasses Apple A9 benchmark score of 2090. Kirin 950 was assumed the best SoC according to Geekbench benchmark score that reached 1909 for single core and 6096 for multi core, but Samsung’s Mongoose seems to be heading the race. Samsung may debut this chip with Galaxy S7. Galaxy S6 is one of the best device available in the market, and Galaxy S7 is expected to come with something great that would hit 100K Antutu score.


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