How to Prevent Google from Direct Linking Images and Bringing Visitors to Webpage (WordPress Users)

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Protect images from hotlink

This article is to help bloggers who are losing significant visitors because Google is letting users download the image right from the search engine. We all know about Google Image Search. This is the best option to find relevant images. Whether you are looking for FaceBook Cover Photos, Wallpapers, Animated Images or Images in any specific resolution, Google Image Search makes it easier. You can use Google even for reverse image search to find the usages of an image in back dates.

Well, Google Images Search is useful for users, but what about bloggers who upload them on their website and serve visitors with cool images for free? They also need to earn some money that they earn from advertisements. If users are searching Images on Google and Downloading from the search result, they will not even come to the website that uploaded the images. So you are losing visitors as well as revenue from your site. In this case, you need to tell Search Engines to show the images in such way that will bring users to your blog or website. For example, You can add watermark to images and write on images “click to see in full resolution.” This way Google will not show the actual image or the image in full resolution within Google Search. Your website’s images will still appear but with watermark and the instruction you write on it. Now the question is how to do this?

How to Watermark Images For Google Search Result, and bring Visitors to your Website

Stop Image Direct link in Google Search

Using a WordPress Plugin

If you are running a WordPress Blog, you can simply install and activate “Google Break Dance Plugin.” Please note that the description on plugin page is not in the English language, but you can still download. Once the plugin is installed, you will find its settings in the English language. So there is no need to worry about the language. Activate the plugin, and you will see Google Break Dance on the left side of the Admin Panel where rest of the other options are located. Click on Google Break Dance, and you will get the option to write a short line on the image, adjust text and URL font size. The preview will appear right there, and this is how images from your website will look like when someone finds them in Google Images Search. All the visitors will be redirected to your website’s image page when they click on the image.

Google Break Dance WordPress Plugin can also be used to edit .htaccess file. You can select GBD htaccess Editor option of this plugin and make required changes, and then save it. It will edit and save the this to root folder of your hosting account.

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