Over all comparison : Samsung vs TSMC Apple A9 chip

There has been so many performance and battery life test that made users believe that TSMC made A9 chip is better than Apple 9. Geekbench battery test for Apple A9 in iPhone 6s also made us believe that TSMC made chip is better than for everyday use if you are more concerned about the battery life. At the very start, Performance test of Apple A9 chip was conduced, and TSMC turned out slightly better.

After all of this, Apple broke its silence. According to Apple, these test doesn’t prove anything for real life. Based on collected data, there is only 2-3 percent difference which should not bother users so much.

Now we have got the data of various benchmark result, that includes CPU performance and well as Graphic performance detail. According to data the difference is minor. Apple A9 chip (iPhone 6s Plus) has been tested, and here is everything you may like to see.

Samsung vs TSMC Apple A9 Performance test

Samsung A9 vs Apple A9 overall comparison

As far as battery life is concerned, it seems Samsung A9 chip works slightly better than TSMC A9 with iPhone 6s Plus, but again difference is not so much. Each benchmarking software shows different result, and you may get confused. We can’t rely on their result completely. The best way to check the battery life is to have 2 iPhone 6s  or 6s Plus with you. One should use Samsung made A9, and other should have TSMC A9. You can try to test them based on your real life use, not on benchmarking app.

Samsung A9 vs Apple A9 overall comparison

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