Now your iPhone will show if it is being tracked

Apple is trying to improve the security of iOS devices, and now they are taking it to the next step. Earlier we informed what new features iOS 9.3 will bring, but we have come to know one more additional feature that is related to privacy/security.

Once your device is updated to iOS 9.3, you will be able to see if your device is managed/tracked by your organization or institute via MDM. The following messages will appear under About option as well as on Lock Screen of your iPhone.

About : This Phone is Supervised. “Company Name” can monitor your internet traffic and locate this device.

Lock Screen : This Phone is managed by your organization

iOS 9.3 managed via MDM

Apple allows organizations to track iPhones via MDM deployment program, but users were not quite clear whether their device is being tracked or not. This confusion will be removed from iOS 9.3, and users will be clear on this matter.

Those who have iPhone as personal device as well as work, now it will be easier to identify which one is yours. It will also discourage users to use office phone for personal purpose. Rest of the things would remain unchanged. You can see whether is being monitored or not, but you can’t understand what they are monitoring.

iOS 9.3 is currently in Beta 5 stage, and it is expected to release this month along with iPhone SE and iPad Pro mini.


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