iPhone SE leaked images, Release date pushed forward

iPhone SE was expected to announce in March 15th, but a Korean News Site has reported that the Apple has asked to leave the schedule available between 21st to 23rd March. So this is when iPhone SE and iPad Pro Mini is expected to arrive.

iPhone SE has been rumored to feature Live Photos feature like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but the recent leaked image coming from reliable source suggests that 3D Touch will be absent. Live Photos feature without 3D touch sounds little awkward, but this could happen with the new 4-inch iPhone.

Have a look the leaked images showing the display panel

iPhone SE leaked image compared with iPhone 6sIf you have a look at the compared image of iPhone SE and iPhone 6s display, the two things marked in yellow color in iPhone 6s is absent in iPhone SE. So this suggests unavailability of 3D Touch in new 4-inch iPhone unless Apple has made any changes in the design this soon.

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