What are the new features iOS 9.3 would bring

What is new with iOS 9

iOS 9.3 is in beta stage at this time, but it will be release soon over the air, and then you will find some new features in your iPhones and other iOS devices. So today we will tell you what new features you will get

Add music to your iCloud Music Library from third party apps

iCloud Music Library iOS 9

Well, this feature may not be available right away, but it would in the future. Once you upgrade you device to iOS 9.3, you will find Media Library option under Settings –> Privacy. Currently this feature is not available, and it may allow users to import music to their iCloud Music Library even from third party apps, like Sound Cloud. So that you can access it only any iOS device.

More options to adjust brightness (Night Shift)

A new feature has been added in iOS 9.3 as Blue Light Reduction. It will allow users to bring warmer tone, and adjust them to make your eyes comfortable while looking at the display at night.

Lock Notes App with TouchID / Password

Users have a lot thing to do in Notes App. It may contain personal as well as secure information, and now you can make it even more secure locking the Notes App with your TouchID and Password. To do that you will have to go to Settings –> Notes –> Password Protection. And then you can password protect any particular note by following these steps

  • Open Notes App
  • Tap on any Note to open it
  • Tap on Share Button
  • Tap on Password Protect Note
  • Enter you Password you just setup from the settings
  • So it will be password protected, and touch ID can also be used to open it

3D touch with more Apps

Now they have added 3D touch support for Settings, Weather and Health apps that were not enabled earlier. You can press on the app, and access quick shortcuts.

Turn your Live Photos into Still Photos Quickly

iOS 9.3 will allow users to turn your any live photos into a still photo quickly. To do that, you can follow these steps;

  • Open the live photo you want to turn into a still photo
  • Tap on Share icon
  • Tap on Duplicate as Still

Health App Suggests what app to use

Some users gets confused what app to use to track health related information. Now when you open Health App, and click on any option, like Fitness, Sleep etc., if will suggest what app can be used to track such information.

Videos in News App

News App in iOS 9.3 has got an improved user interface, but along with that you can also play video within News App now.


With iOS 9.3, CarPlay adds even more useful features. New and For You from Apple Music — with songs, artists, and albums handpicked by experts, plus selections based on your preferences — are right at hand on your screen. And the Nearby feature in Maps lets you find gas, parking, restaurants, coffee, and more with a tap. So you’ll know the best places to stop, whether you’re on your daily commute or an epic road trip.

Education (Shared iPad)

Apple has now added a new feature for iPads as Shared iPad for Students. If a School can’t provide a separate iPad to each and every student, that’s not a problem. Now Students can login on any iPad in any Classroom, and make it their own. All their content will be loaded itself.

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