Mr Doob has more fun things to do along with Google Gravity

The website, Mr Doob and Elgoog is well known for Google Gravity fun tricks. However, MrDoob has got so many other fun stuffs on the website along with Google Gravity. Here are the list of Fun Stuffs you should try on Mr Doob;

Mr Doob’s Fun Projects other than Google Gravity

Project Disturb

This fun project destroys the picture you upload on MrDoob’s webpage. Just drop a picture from your computer to the black space, and the picture will turn into liquid shaped design, and will move here and there on the screen. It changes the effect when you click on the screen. You can add many pictures to mix the color.

Mr Doob Project Disturb

Project Spin Painter

When you click or drag mouse pointer on the screen, it creates color combination, and starts spinning round and round. The size of colorful dots and the speed can be customized.

Project Spin Painter

Play YouTube in Super HD

It doesn’t really play YouTube in super HD, but that’s just the project name. You will see 4 YouTube Players on the screen, and 3 buttons at the top of the screen; Play, Pause and Restart. You need to click on Play Button to see the effect (Don’t click the Play button on the video Player). One video has been combined to play on four different players at the same time, and each player shows the partial screen. Have a look at the screenshot below.

Play YouTube in SuperHD

Water Type Project

You can type anything in the water, and see the effect. It looks like someone is dropping stone into the water. Here is a demo GIF.

Water Type

Kinecdysis Writer

Let your Typing animate in scientific way. You can type anything you want.

KineCDsis Writer

Winning Solitaire

If you have ever played Solitaire game, you have already seen this fun effect. When you win the game, playing cards start popping out and dancing on the screen. This page shows the same effect. Click once on the screen to start the effect, and click anywhere to pop Playing Cards. You can also drag mouse pointer here and there on the screen to fill the screen with Playing Cards.

Win Solitaire game

Magic Dust

You will see the dust dancing on the screen, and it also responds to cursor. Move cursor around the screen to change the direction of dust. You also get the option to adjust color, and its movement on the top right corner.

Magic Dust

Ball Pool

It brings a big and many small balls on the screen. The big one shows the instruction how the feature works. here are the things you can do;

  1. Click on the screen and hold, or drag mouse pointer on the screen to get more small balls.
  2. Hold the big ball and hit small balls on the screen.
  3. Double Click on the screen to change ball color and restart it.

Ball Pool

3D WaveForm

This shows you the 3D Wave on the screen with music. move mouse pointer on the screen to change the direction of the wave.

3D Wave Form

Project Harmony

Project Harmony let you sketch on the screen with available tools, like Ribbon, Square, Circle, Grid, Simple Draw, Shaded Draw etc.. After you are done with sketching, you can click save option to download the created sketch as image.

Plane Deformation

This project let you make some cool deformation by clicking on the screen. It animates and keeps changing shape everytime you click on the screen.

Project Voxels

Project Voxels let you make some cool design with voxels on the screen. After making a design, you can click save option to get the image.

Make Cool Voxels

Project Clouds

It shows a web page with full of clouds. You can navigate through cloud or go beyond it. Move mouse pointer to change the direction.

Project Cloud Mr Doob

Project Sphere

When you visit this webpage, you will see a moving Sphere on the screen, and it moves to the direction you move mouse pointer. You can drop an image from your computer to change the Sphere color and design. The further you keep the mouse pointer, the faster it moves.

Liquid Voxels

Make voxels with liquid. Move cursor over liquid to make voxels. You can also click More Wavy or Less Wavy option to increase or decrease wave flow while moving cursor.

Liquid Voxels

Project Beach Ball

It shows colorful balls on the screen, you can click on the screen and hold (or drag mouse pointer) to bring new balls, and make old balls disappear. Drag cursor on the screen or within balls to make the ball dance.

ThreeJS Sketches

This page has some cool 3D sketches made on Java Script. It animates smoothly on the screen.

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