What you can do on Elgoog.im website

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Every month millions of users visit Elgoog website, but what they really offer? What is Elgoog? Have you ever tried to find the meaning of Elgoog?

What does Elgoog mean, and why they picked this name?

Elgoog is a noun, and it doesn’t mean anything. They have spelled Google backward, and .im means I’m. So elgoog.im means I’m elgooG (Google spelled backward).

What does Elgoog website offers

Elgoog has been made for fun purpose only. Here is the list of fun stuffs you can do on this website.

1. Google Underwater (also known as Google Gravity Underwater)

It shows the Google Search engine floating on water. Google word has been mirrored to make it look like elgooG. Everytime you click on I’m Feeling Lucky, one G word in gold coin shape falls down into the water, sometime a full box and or/crown fall down. The boxes, coin, crown etc. respond to clicks.

Elgoog Underwater

2. Google Gravity (Also known as Zero Gravity)

This fun feature let you see whole Google Search engine falling down. It looks like a building has collapsed. When you click on I’m Feeling Lucky option, the color on the page will be inverted, and you can click on Search or I’m Feeling Lucky option to go back to normal color.

Google Gravity Fall Down

3. Google Terminal 

It shows Google Search Engine within Terminal (or Command). It shows data processing like old computers, and you are asked to press to start a search, or Press to use “I’m feeling Lucky” search option, and then it let users type any word to search. Then the data processing sign (……..) is shown in the screen, and finally you see the error. 😛 Last time I checked, it was able to show search result as well, but no longer now.

Google Terminal

4. Google Mirror

Google Mirror Shows you a mirrored version of Google Search. Google Logo, Search button and even the letters you type all get mirrored. However, this one really works. You can type anything in the search field to google it, and the search result will also appear the same.

Google Mirror

5. Google Packman

Google Packman was actually a Doodle that Google had released on May 21, 2010. Elgoog has used the same game on the website. You can Click on PackMan option on their website to start playing game.

Google Packman

6. Google Guitar

This option let you play a virtual guitar, you can also record and share link with your friends. It can be played using mouse cursor or keyboard key. The website shows the keys for a couple of music/songs that you can play. We have already written a separate article with the key of 25 music that you can play on Google Guitar.

Elgoog Guitar

7. Google Snake

Google Snake Game is also a Doodle that was released by Google on February 10, 2013. Elgoog also allows to play this game on their website. You get 1 minute of time to eat as much as you can, you have to avoid bomb or crackers. The more you eat, the more score you make.

Google Snake Game

8. IP Location

Finally, something that is not for fun. When you click IP location option on Elgoog website, it will launch a new webpage where some information related to your current location will be shown, like Your Geo Location, IP, Latitude, Longitude etc..

9. Bing Mirror

Bing Mirror option works the same way, Google Mirror does. Bing Search Engine as well as text you type, all get mirrored. You can use the search engine to find any information, and search result will get mirrored as well.

Bing Mirror

10. Bing Wallpaper

Bing Wallpaper option takes you to a page where you can see those images that Bing used in the past as a Background for their Search Engine. You can select a country from dropdown list to see those images Bing used as background in other countries.

Visit Elgoog.im, and try yourself.