How to use Google Keyword Planner without AdWords Campaign

There are many Keyword Tools, but most of them are paid. So most of the Bloggers and Webmasters rely on Google Keyword Planner. We have seen many posts on Social Media and Forums where users have reported that they are not able to access Google Keyword Tool, and it doesn’t let them in without setting up an AdWords campaign. However, it can be done easily, and it takes less than a minutes.

Is using Keyword Planner without AdWords not allowed?

It is legal and allowed by Google to use Google Keyword Planner without an AdWords or Ad Campaign. Google AdWords has also mentioned in its tweet, you can have a look at the below screenshot.


Note : If you are already stuck at Google AdWord Campaign Process, your can’t cancel it. I mean if you have typed your email address, Blog/Website URL, and pressed continue, you can’t use Google Keyword Planner with this ID without setting up an AdWords Campaign. In this case, you need to create a new Google Account, because everytime you try to Open Keyword Planner, Google will take you to AdWords Campaign Setup.

How to use Google Keyword Planner or Tool with AdWords Campaign

  • Visit Google KeywordPlanner Page. You may nee to login with your Google ID and Password.
  • Don’t fill any information, e.g. your email address or website URL.
  • Click on Skip the guided setup.


  • Now you will be taken to AdWord’s home page where you can start a campaign, but you don’t need to click on Such Option.
  • Click on Tools, and then click Keyword Planner option.


  • That’s it, and now you are on the Keyword Planner page. You can start checking keywords, its search volume, competition etc.. Here is the screenshot how Google Keyword Planner Toll looks like.


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