Get free Windows 10 copy on July 29, but you can reserve it now

Reserve and upgrade windows 10 for free

Microsoft has officially announced the launch date of Windows 10. It will be released on 29 July, and all the windows users will be able to upgrade the OS for free. You can reserve the free copy now, and your system will automatically download  the update on July 29th. The upgrade to Windows 10 is completely free, and it will be the full version of Windows 10 (not trial or Preview). Initial release will be available for Tablets and PCs, and you will see a notification on your system that will be the key to reserve the free copy.

How can I reserve the free copy of Windows 10?


  • Click on the Windows icon that you see at the right hand side on the Taskbar
  • It will open a new windows, and you need to click on “Reserve your free upgrade”
  • You can enter your email address if you want to receive the confirmation that you have reserved your Windows 10 free upgrade
  • After the reservation, you need to wait. Once Windows 10 is released, you will be notified. Your system will download the Windows 10 in local storage, and then you can upgrade for free. You can cancel the reserve upgrade anytime you want

Who is eligible for Windows 10 free upgrade?

  • Any one who has a genuine copy of Windows 7 onwards. If you are using a pirated version of Windows OS, forget about the free copy.
  • Anyone who buy a new Windows PC can also upgrade for free
  • If you have multiple devices, you can upgrade all of them

Why my system doesn’t show the Windows 10 upgrade notification?

You need to have Windows 7 with Service pack 1, or updated Windows 8.1 OS. Automatic update should be turned on. If this is not the case, turn on the automatic update, update your system, and you will see the notification for sure.

What if I don’t reserve Windows 10 Upgrade, can I still get it?

Yes, Windows 10 free upgrade will be available for 1 year from its release date. Thereafter, you need to pay for it. Microsoft has not said anything about its pricing.

Microsoft has announced that this is the biggest upgrade in Windows’ history, and Microsoft has no intention to release such upgrade in future. This is why it was said that Windows 10 could be the last version of Windows OS. So get the free copy, and enjoy Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with so many features, like Cortana is revolution in Windows world, but Microsoft will make Cortana available for Android and iOS as well. Microsoft also bringing brand new Microsoft Edge internet browser to remove the pain of Internet Explorer usage that frustrated its users more than enough. Some features on Windows 10 are hardware specific, so you may not get all the features in each and every PC/Laptop/Tablet.

If you have more questions about Windows 10 Upgrade or Reserve Visit Microsoft’s Windows 10 FAQ Page

if you want to learn more about Windows 10 and Cortana watch this video

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