Microsoft launches its new internet browser: Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge

You may have heard about Microsoft Edge for the first time, but you have certainly used Project Spartan if you installed Windows 10 technical preview on your laptop or computer. Yes, Windows 10 technical preview still has Project Spartan in it (I installed a fresh copy today), but the name is going to be changed after official release of Windows 10. It’s new name will be Microsoft edge.

Windows 10 technical preview has both the browser installed Internet Explore and Project Spartan, but this could be the case that Microsoft will replace internet explorer with Microsoft Edge. I have tried project Spartan and looks better than Internet Explorer, but can Microsoft Edge beat Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? This question can not be answered right now, but Microsoft Edge has some great features. There is Cortana to support you while browsing and you can also draw on the browser like paint. As far now Microsoft has uploaded a teaser video for Microsoft edge what you can see here:

So you can understand what Microsoft Edge would be capable of. Microsoft edge will face a harder time to beat Mozilla Firefox or chrome. It can only beat if it works better than those browser and support extensions and ad-ons. For example as a blogger I prefer Mozilla Firefox even it is little slower than chrome, because it supports all tools I need for my job. Microsoft Edge will have great opportunity to get more users as it is the default browser, and users who are still using internet explorer will use the new browser for sure.

After so long Microsoft is ready to provide a brand new browser. Users who really hated the internet explorer may be afraid of trying the new browser, because Internet Explorer has made a real big bad reputation among users. Microsoft needs to work hard to recover from this.

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