Windows 10 Insider Program has over 3.7 million users now

Windows 10 Insider Program

Microsoft reveals number of users/developers joining Windows 10 insider program. Microsoft informed that earlier Windows 10 Insider program had around 2 million users, and now reached over 3.7 million users. Microsoft estimates that at least 4 million users will be able to test Windows 10 on their mobile before the official release.

Windows 10 insider program is available for developers to test the brand new windows mobile operating system, and provide feedback to improve the system. Developer will keep receiving the updates until it goes official. So Microsoft wants to make the latest OS perfect before the final release.

Microsoft has added good features with Windows 10. We already know about Cortana, a voice assistant feature that will challenge Apple’s Siri. There is one more great feature that Microsoft has added to Windows 10 that will allow iOS and Android users to transfer there apps to Windows 10 mobile. Here is one video that explains how to transfer Android apps to Windows 10 mobile.

Windows 10 insider program is all about collecting the more and more information from developers so Microsoft is also releasing the video informing new features that developers can try and inform about the bug and improvement.

Microsoft also released one video that guides the user how to use Windows 10 mobile’s printing feature, but this printing feature is not going to work on silverlight apps, you must use it with universal app. Printing feature will work only when you are connected to the network. So if you were expecting a USB printing option, then forget it. Here is the guide how to use windows 10 mobile printing feature.

Well, it doesn’t matter how many million or billion users joined Windows 10 insider program to test and develop Windows 10, but how many users goes for Windows 10 mobile will make the real difference for the company. At least I am glad to know that Microsoft is replacing its internet explorer with the brand new internet browser “Microsoft Edge.” This is something that should have been done long time ago.

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