Facebook launches Hello Dialer: The new social application

Facebook Hello

Facebook is one of the companies that are putting more effort into their applications to become the part of the Android ecosystem. If you have been already using Facebook Messenger, you would be surprised today to know about a new application of Facebook called “Facebook Hello Dialer”. Facebook Hello is a new dialer or smart phones indicator that’s socially oriented, for the moment, is not available in all countries. Here we are inviting people to see what surprise Facebook is bringing for them.

The application Hello Dialer, as you can imagine, serves to call, but it’s not all it does. The essence of Facebook Home is still evident in this application, as we can also update the profile photos of our users, it will also allow us to block users to whom we don’t know. It’s a new app made by the Facebook messenger team. You can search for people and places using this app and a very curious thing, you can know who is calling you if that contact is not saved in your contact list. This app can make you remembered about the birthday of your contacts so you do not forget to congratulate.

Hello Facebook has an appearance quite similar to marker Android 5.0 Lollipop stock and its interface could not do anything other than follow the design lines of Material Design. How could it be otherwise, as blue and white are the predominant colors of its interface, something that the social network Mark Zuckerberg has totally used.

As we mentioned before, the application is not available worldwide. In fact, only people in few countries can download it and use it; some of those inhabitants are of Brazil, the United States and Nigeria who can use this application, so we can only wait until the application is launched globally to download.

If some of your friend tells you about some hotel near your home or a restaurant that you don’t know; you can use this application to search that location, you can also make a reservation using this app.

By using this app you can search for people as well as businesses; also can make a call to them with just one tap. 

Now we just want to leave a question in the air: Is it coincidence that Facebook is launching this app the same day that Google is launching Project Fi ? What do you think?

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