Facebook is separating Messenger and Facebook primary app

facebook removes chat option from its app

Facebook has recently announced that will separate its messaging and the primary app. There could be various reason behind this, but Facebook has said that they are doing this to improve the user experience and make the messenger the best IM, and also said they want to do it to remove the confusion and make each of the app to use for different purpose.

Practically, if we see that will be beneficial for users as well. When we open Facebook primary app, it takes more time than the messenger app, because it starts loading the news and feeds. So after the update the primary app will not have the messaging or call option. Users will have to use messenger to chat and call, and the messenger also loads quickly. So the users can have this advantage.

The news of the separation of the main application of Facebook and Facebook Messenger comes a few days later the announcement of the new features that the Facebook Messenger app will be updated . In fact, a couple of days ago while Facebook announced a series of changes that may be in your Messenger application. These characteristics have to do with a revamped interface that aims to facilitate and improve the exchange of messages, videos and photos with the Facebook contacts.

Facebook announced this news to their users through notifications on their profiles. And, all those who have not downloaded the Facebook Messenger application on the smartphone, may not receive or send messages through the Facebook primary app chat service.

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