Facebook Slingshot makes a fleeting social network photos and videos

A few months ago Facebook launched Slingshot, a curious application for sharing photos and videos with other contacts but with auto-disable not gelled among users, and that is why it’s updated to version 2.0, which have been completely renovated service making it a social network of photos and videos ephemeral.

In Facebook Slingshot 2.0 you no longer have to select which contacts want to share the pictures or videos or having to answer your contacts to see what you have sent them. Now in the new version you share photos and videos openly with your fans and social networking, enabling them to view all your photos without having to share anything with them.

Your pictures and videos will be visible during the first 24 hours and when a user sees them will destruct itself. And like the previous version you can add text, scribbles and you will be responding privately to photos and videos of others with your reactions.

The new interface shows photos of people in a tabbed form, which grouped by users, in one tab photo and video reactions of what you have shared and in another tab will access your account to manage your followers and following new users.

SLINGSHOT: Version 2.0

Android version: from 4.1

Developer: Facebook

Download it on: Google Play store

Price: Free

Category: Society

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