Exynos 8890 or Mongoose M1 Geekbench 3 Benchmark

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After Apple A9 Benchmark blast all other companies are busy optimizing there chipsets. Earlier, we posted an article where Qualcomm tested V3 version of its upcoming chip, and Snapdragon 820 benchmark score showed much improved compared to previous versions. When Samsung tested Galaxy S7 (Luck-LTE code name) with Exynos 8890 it didn’t do well, and we assumed they will optimize it later. Samsung’s upcoming chip has been rumored with several names; Exynos 8890, Exynos M1 and Mongoose M1.

Samsung is trying to make its upcoming chip better than Exynos 7420 to stand against Snapdragon 820, Mediatek Helio X20 and Apple A9. Now the Mongoose M1/Exynos 8890 has scored much better in its latest benchmarking test. It features a 2.3 GHz octa-core processor compared to 2.2GHz quad-core in Snapdragon 820.

Mongoose M1 / Exynos 8890 / Exynos M1 Geekbench 3 Benchmark Score

Performance Mode

Single-core : 2294

Multi-core : 6908

Power Saving Mode

Single-core : 1701

Multi-core : 4896

Ultra Power Saving Model

Single-core : 1100

Multi-core : 3209


Mongoose M1 or Exynos 8890 geekbench 3 benchmark

Now Mongoose M1 (Exynos 8890) has scored more than Snapdragon 810 even in Power Saving Mode, and the performance mode benchmark score is much better than any other high-end chip. Exynos 7420 never touched even 1800 in single-core benchmark score. So the new chip seems to have great improvement in single-core performance. However, Apple A9 still leads in as far as single-core performance is concerned.

Samsung Galaxy S7 would debut Exynos M1 or 8890 chipset, and it has been rumored to arrive in the first quarter of 2016. Galaxy S7 is also expected to feature MicroSD slot that latest high-end Galaxy Phones lack. In terms of removable battery, Samsung has clearly said  “it will not be possible to maintain the design.”