How to download SoundCloud Songs to iPhone

SoundCloud has a quite large library for all kind of songs, and millions of users keep uploading new one. You can also find many royalty free songs. However, SoundCloud doesn’t allow to download any of them for offline play. If you are a paid member, you can listen offline, but that’s still caching feature, and you will no longer have the file on your device if you get rid of paid subscription. We have already written a couple of articles how you can download Music and Videos to iPhone, and how YouTube Video downloading works on iPhone. Now we will tell you how to download SoundCloud Song or Music file.

How to Download SoundCloud Song or Music File to iPhone in MP3 Format

  • Download SoundCloud app on your device if you still don’t have it installed
  • Also download this free file manager app
  • Launch Sound Cloud App, and start browsing song that you want to download
  • Now copy the Link of the song. There are 2 ways to copy; (1) Play the song, and tap on the  Sharing icon (Arrow sign), and select Copy option (2) When you see option icon associated with any song (represents 3 dots), tap on it, select Share option, and then tap Copy option

Copy Sound Cloud Song link

  • Now launch the File manager app you just downloaded, tap on browser icon, and visit You can either type the full URL in address bar, or type anything2mp3 in Google search field, and visit the website
  • Now paste the sound cloud link you just copied, and hit the Convert button
  • Once Conversion is done, tap on the Download link, and select Download File option

Download Sound Cloud File

  • Now you have the file in MP3 format, and you can tap on Media tab within file manager app, and find the downloaded songs. It can be played right from there. This file manager also works as Music Player.

Alternative Method: Download Sound Cloud File with VLC on iPhone

  • Download VLC app if you don’t have
  • Copy the SoundCloud song link following the method we explained above
  • Launch VLC, now go to Safari, and visit
  • Paste the SoundCloud URL, and tap convert option
  • Now you will get the download link, tap on it, and music will open in safari. Copy URL  (Tap and hold on Address Bar, and hit the copy option)

Copy URL from safari

  • Now launch VLC app, tap on the option icon (VLC icon on top left corner), and select Download option
  • Paste the URL you just copied, and hit Download button

Download SoundCloud Songs and music

  • Once downloading is complete, you can tap on the menu icon again, and select All Files option. You will find all your downloaded files there. You already know that VLC is a good music and video player, and comes with many customization options. You can play the download files from VLC

It doesn’t matter what app you use to download music files on iPhone, you can’t send them to stock Music app. You will have to transfer Music files to computer, and sync it via iTunes. Music app shows only those files that you have synced via iTunes or downloaded via iTunes store. However, both the app we told above works really fine, and you can play music without any trouble. It works even in the background.

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