Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter and Downloader for Mac and PCs

Earlier we published an article with the instruction how you can download SoundCloud Music to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Today we are going to tell how SoundCloud Music Files can be downloaded in MP3 format on Mac and PCs. There are various methods to download, and you will find so many SoundCloud Downloader on the web. However, using extension in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is the best way, because it converts SoundCloud to MP3 and allows to download them. We will tell you other options as well, and you can follow one you like the most.

Extensions works on Mac and PCs only

SoundCloud Downloader Extension for Google Chrome

Google Chrome Sound Cloud Extension

  • Once added, visit SoundCloud.Com. It works whether you are logged in or not, so it’s up to you if you want to login
  • Underneath each song/player you will see Download option. Click on Download, and that SoundCloud song will downloaded in MP3 format

Download SoundCloud with Chrome Extension as Mp3

Was it tough? It is the easiest way to download SoundCloud Music, and setting up download doesn’t even take 30 seconds of your time. Just add the extension, and you are done.

How to download Whole Playlist from SoundCloud in Mp3 format (Chrome Extension)

  • Get the free extension for Google Chrome that allows to download whole playlist as well as single music file
  • After you add the extension, visit SoundCloud Website, and find the Playlist you want to download. Each playlist shows how many tracks it has
  • Once you find the Playlist, you will see a small SoundCloud icon underneath PlayList. Click on it, and all the files will be downloaded. For example, If the playlist contains 20 tracks, 20 files will be downloaded in Mp3 format. It will not be a zip file. You need to click just once to download all

SoundCloud To Mp3 Download Whole Playlist

  • If you don’t want to download the whole Playlist, this extension can also be used to download each music separately. You get the SoundCloud icon underneath each single music, and you can hit that icon to Download

SoundCloud Downloader

Mozilla Firefox Extension : SoundCloud to MP3 Music and Playlist Downloader

If you don’t use Google Chrome, you can get the extension for Mozilla Firefox. It does the same job as Google Chrome Extension does. You can download Whole Playlist as well as single files.

  • Visit this webpage to get SoundGrab Firefox extension
  • Click on Continue to Download option on the page, and then hit Add to Firefox option on the next page
  • You have added the extension, now visit SoundCloud website, and browse the Music or Playlist you want to download
  • Under each music file (player) you will see “Download” button, and under Playlist “Download All” button. Click on Download option, select the folder where you want to save the files on computer, and downloading will start

Firefox SoundCloud Downloader Extension

Opera Extension to Download SoundCloud Music or PlayList

  • Add this free extension to Opera Browser
  • Now visit SoundCloud website, and browse the Music File or the Playlist
  • You can click on Download button that you will find underneath every Playlist and Music file. If you face any trouble, simply click on extension icon

Opera SoundCloud Downlaoder extension

  • Now a new page will open with the list of all songs, and you will get the option to download each file separately or download whole songs from Playlist as ZIP file

Websites to use as SoundCloud Downloader and SoundCloud to MP3 Converter

If you don’t want to add any extension to your internet browser, you can use websites that allow to download SoundCloud files as MP3 music files. Here are some websites that can be used on Computer as well as Mobile devices.


This website allows to download any song or music file from SoundCloud in MP3 format. You can also download play list. All you need to do is copy and paste SoundCloud URL for music or Playlist, and hit the Download button.

Download SoundCloud Music : Visit this URL if you wish to Download any specific music, but not the whole playlist;

Music Downloader for SoundCloud

Download Whole Playlist : Whole playlist can be downloaded from this web page;

Playlist downloader for Sound Cloud

If you are trying to download all songs from a Playlist, you may need to wait for a while when you click on Download button. Depending on the number of songs it may take some time. It will show you all the music file in a page, and you can keep clicking each of them to download. you can’t download all with one click.


Just like 9SoundCloudDownloader, SCDownloader also allows to download SoundCloud music and PlayList. Copy Music or Playlist URL from SoundCloud, Visit SCDownloader, paste the URL in the provided field, and hit Download button. Now you can download music files.

Visit this Page for SoundCloud Music Download :

Use this link for SoundCloud Playlist Download :

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