Consumer Reports prefer Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6

Galaxy S5 VS Galaxy S6

It would be really surprising when someone says Samsung Galaxy S5 is a better smartphone than Samsung Galaxy S6, but this is what Consumer Repots says. Why Consumer Reports prefer Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S6?

These are the features that Samsung Galaxy S6 lack in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S5

1) Removable Battery

2) Water Resistant capability

3) MicroSD card Slot

4) Less battery Power

Lets forget Consumer Reports for a moment, and think if those features really matter for you?

Removable Battery and Less battery Power: In-built battery is now a trend to make the smartphone slim and stylish and that will not matter as long as Samsung could incorporate a powerful battery inside (what they didn’t do in case of Galaxy S6). There are lots of cheap Power Bank available in the market that costs less than a spare battery which could be more convenience rather than changing the battery again and gain.

Lack of MicroSD card: Recently Xiaomi says officially not to expect any MicroSD card slot in High-end smartphone if you want the smartphone work faster and smoothly. That could be the reason Apple never had a MicroSD card slot. So this feature should not matter, but you need to be smart enough to choose the storage capacity of your smartphone when you buy it.

Consumer reports forgot to mention that Samsung Galaxy S5 had USB 3.0 port and Samsung Galaxy S6 has USB 2.0, and they gave no reason for this downgrade.

Water Resistant Feature: This is something that Samsung forgot to include, but there is rumor that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have another version that will have this feature. May be Samsung had it in mind but forgot while producing. Hahaha!

If we comparison Galaxy S6 with Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 would top in terms of smoothness, display quality, camera, design, and after all it is faster than Galaxy S6 with its 64-bit Octa-core chipset.

So whatever Consumer Reports say a tech person knows what better is.

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