Samsung Galaxy S5 is being tested with Tizen OS

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen

Earlier we heard that Samsung is ready to launch the world’s first smartphone with Tizen OS “Samsung Z.” In Addition to Samsung Z, Samsung Galaxy S5 can be launched with Tizen OS as well, but we cam’t be sure until Samsung clears it.

This information is based on the import data what we found on Please have a look over the screenshot of the import data.

galaxy s5 with tizen os

The above screenshot shows two models of the Samsung smartphones what had been imported for testing purpose: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S5 TIzen. Well, we knew about the S5 Mini, but the S5 Tizen is something different. We have no information about the technical specifications, but it seems Samsung is working on with Tizen OS effectively. Samsung might with a better Galaxy S5 than the current one, this would be the only chance for a Tizen phone to survive.

According to the import data, the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 Tizen is 54,404 RS, that is around $906, which is more than the existing Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung may reduce the price if they decide to launch it, or might make the specification far better than the existing version of the mobile.

It’s not easy to beat Android OS, because iOS and Windows both are still struggling, but Android is till the king, but I won’t say it’s impossible. Tizen OS has already been used with Samsung smart watches, and Samsung needs to have a great technical specification with Tizen smartphones as well as needs to have a huge app collection to its app store. Samsung needs to attract developers to work on Tizen apps like the same happens with Android.

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