Xiaomi says goodbye to expandable SD card slot

Xiaomi will remove sd card slot

Xiaomi Vice President of International, Hugo Barra says expandable storage card slot is a pain for smartphone. Xiaomi still have expandable MicroSD card slot in its low end RedMi devices, but Hugo Barra says just not to expect any SD card slot in Xiaomi’s phone. He explained the reason behind this, and we will tell you all.

When we compare any Apple product and Android device, we never forget to mention the advantage of a MicroSD card slot that boosts the smartphone storage, but at what cost? Hug Barra says that Micro SD cards what you buy from the market are not of good quality. When you talk about the brand like ScanDisk or Kingston, they are also poor in quality that affects the smartphone badly.

Expandable SD cards often malfunction and you lose your data, application crashes, smartphones stop functioning normally and there are more issues what arises because of the SD cards. When users have such issues, they go crazy and start blaming the smartphone, company and cheap product, and vent out their frustration on forums. So he said that let’s remove the SD card slot, and we will see what happens.

Xiaomi RedMi devices have MicroSD card slot, because they are cheap and have low storage capacity, so having the storage expandable option is a requirement, but Xiaomi did not have any SD card slot in high-end smartphones, and has clearly explained not to expect any expandable card slot in future as well. That seems to be the reason that Xiaomi Mi 4i is available at cheap price, though Xiaomi removed the MicroSD card slot.

Recently we have seen that many smartphone companies have started removing MicroSD card slots, just like Samsung did with its Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. In future, the MicroSD card slot fashion can end and then there will not be any smartphone with the expandable storage option, but only the option to choose the storage capacity when you buy it.


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