Top Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and Android Users

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Wallpapers allow making your smartphone’s screen look awesome. A wallpaper could also tell how your mood is, and what kind of liking you have as far as graphics are concerned. For example, a nature lover usually uses a wallpaper with sea, forest, sky, lake, waterfall, wildlife, etc.. In the same way, a music lover may have a wallpaper with headphone, cassette, singer, piano, guitar or other music stuff. Well, whatever your liking is, you can get any type of wallpaper with the apps I am going to tell about in this article.

Top Free Wallpaper Applications for iPhone and Android

Kappboom™ Cool Wallpapers, Stickers & Backgrounds + Photo Editing


This wallpaper application is one of the many apps developed by Kappboom. There are thousands of wallpapers that can be downloaded using this app for free. The ad-supported version of the app doesn’t cost any money to download wallpapers, but if you want to remove ads, you will have to spend $1.99. The wallpapers available within this application are in high resolution that will fit your smartphones. These wallpapers can also be shared on social media direct from the app. If you want to download any app later, you can tap on the heart icon to add it to your favorite list. All the wallpapers added as favorites can be viewed by tapping the heart icon while browsing the wallpapers. Along with downloading, you can also use this app to edit Photos, This wallpaper app allows to add effects & filters, frames, stickers etc. to photos. You can also use it to crop, blur, rotate or whiten image. The app also has an option to make collages using multiple images. There are many other tools to play with while editing a downloaded or captured photo.

Download App Now: Google Play  |   App Store

10000+ Wallpapers by Tic Tac Apps

10000 wallpapers

This app has wallpapers almost in all categories; Nature, Celebrities, Sports, Car, Abstract, Fashion, Movies, Spiritual, and so on… There is also search option to find something specific you are looking for. The Like Option allows saving wallpapers under your favorites. Under categories section, you will also find color options. If you are looking for wallpapers containing specific color this option could be very useful. The app also includes some live wallpaper that iPhone users with supported models can download and use as lock screen. You can also upload photos to this app and allow other users to download them. To upload an image, tap on the Settings icon and then tap Upload Image option. It has a dedicated Users Uploaded section under categories option. You can also download images uploaded by other users.

Download App Now: Google Play   |   App Store

uWallpapers: Top Chart of Wallpapers & Themes – Amazing Images and Awesome 3D Backgrounds (iOS Only)

Top Chart Wallpapers

This app is for those who like to use Abstract, 3D, and Creative wallpapers as Smartphone’s background screen. It also includes some Trippy Wallpapers that could make it harder to look at them for longer. When you tap on any wallpaper, it also shows the preview of the image. You can download the wallpapers, like it to keep saved as favorites, and can also leave a comment. Unfortunately, the app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch only.

Download the app now from App Store

Backdrops – Wallpapers (Android Only)

Backdrops app

If you are among those who like patterns, design, abstract, geometric, typography etc. type of design, then you will love Backdrops wallpaper app. Like other Wallpapers Apps, this app also has the option to keep some wallpapers saved by making them favorited. Backdrops app is a free app and you will not be charged for downloading any images within this app. However, some images packs are locked that will require you to use in-app purchase section to upgrade to the pro version. Once unlocked, you will have the access to many awesome images. This app can be downloaded by Android Smartphone and Tablet users. You can also join its community and upload your wallpapers to the app so the other users can download them.

Get Backdrops on the Goole Play

Girly Wallpapers (iOS Only)

girly wallpapers

This app by JING XUAN XU offers girly wallpapers. If you are a girl, and looking for some cool girly wallpapers, then this app can help you find many wallpapers for free. The wallpapers within this app include patterns, design, girls, love etc.. There are many girl colored design/patterns that you can download from this app.

Get this app from the app store

Butterfly Fashion Wallpapers

Butterfly Fashion Wallpapers app doesn’t include so many wallpapers, but you will still like this application because of cool wallpapers. Wallpapers look girly type, but they all look beautiful on the smartphone’s lock or home screen. This app has been downloaded by millions of users from the Google Play, and it has the average rating 4.2. The app is completely free to use without any restriction. So you can download all the available wallpapers without paying even a dime.

Live Wallpapers for Android and iPhone

If you came to this page while searching Live Wallpapers for your Android or iOS devices, there is no need to worry. We have already published a separate article with the list of some best live wallpaper apps that you can download from the App Store or Google Play depending on whether you are using an Android Phone or iPhone.

If you know about other wallpaper apps that serve in a unique way or with a different type of wallpapers, please comment below. This will be very helpful.