Xiaomi tells how great Mi 4c camera is, and compared with iPhone 6

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Xiaomi Mi 4c front camera

Xiaomi Mi 4c will be launched on 22 September, but it seems Company wants to reveal all the technical specifications before the launch date. Xiaomi’s President and co-founder, Lin Bin doesn’t want to stop telling how good Mi 4c is going to be. It’s kind of teaser, but it always works.

Lin Bin has confirmed that Xiaomi Mi 4c will feature a 5-megapixel front shooter, and we already knew that. However, he explains how great the front camera is. Mi 4c will feature a 85-degree super wide angel front facing 5 MP camera, equivalent to 24mm wide angle camera. It will also have self timer option, and can cover 6-7 people in one shot.

He also shows a comparative image (iPhone 6 vs Mi 4c Front Camera). The comparative image makes it clear that Xiaomi Mi 4c covers more area compare to iPhone 6 while using front shooter. Have a look at the below image

Mi 4c vs iphone 6 from camera

Well, iPhone 6 feature a 1.2-megapixel front camera and Xiaomi Mi 4c has been confirmed to have 5-megapixel. So this is obvious that Mi 4c would give better result, and the primary camera is going to be 13-megapixel.

Along with the camera specs, Lin Bin also shared a pink color Xiaomi Mi 4c that looks like an advertisement, but confirms one color of Mi 4c to be pink.

Xiaomi Mi 4c ad in Pink

Lin Bin has already confirmed some other Technical Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 4c, like Snapdragon 808 SoC, faster internet, dual-sim with dual standby plus 4G support on both SIM, and also the new orange color packaging for Mi 4c.

The very basic model of Xiaomi 4c is expected to have a price tag of around $ 200 with 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. There is rumor about 32GB and 64GB storage options as well with 3GB RAM. Xiaomi will disclose it on Tuesday, 22 September. It is expected to hit the stores in early October.

Update : Check out the real images of Mi 4c in various colors.

Update : Xiaomi Mi 4C is launched officially