More features confirmed on Xiaomi Mi 4c

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Xiaomi’s President and co-founder, Lin Bin is quite busy telling Xiaomi Mi 4c features. First of all, Lin Bin uses Xiaomi Mi 4c continuously to post on Weibo Social Network, and keep mentioning one after another feature/spec. Earlier, he mentioned that Xiaomi Mi 4c would have a USB Type-C port, but in the package, users will get Standard Android Charger plus a connector to connect with USB Type-C port. He mentioned clearly that Xiaomi Mi 4c will be launched on Tuesday, 22 September.

Dual SIM/Dual-Standby/Dual 4G

Xiaomi Mi 4c Dual SIM dual 4G

Lin Bin has made a couple of posts now telling more features. In case of Xiaomi Mi 4i, the global version supports 4G with both the SIM card (I checked the one available in India). It is different in Chinese version, among two SIM cards, One can only use 2G Network. However, Xiaomi Mi 4c will remove this limitation as Lin Bin said. Now 4G can be enabled in both the SIM cards (primary and secondary).

New Packaging

Xiaomi Mi 4c will be packed in new packaging that you can see in the image. Xiaomi devices are usually packed in a plain brown box, but this time they have gone colorful. The combination of orange and white looks better than plain brown.

Chipset / SoC and faster internet

We have been reading and listening for so long that Xiaomi Mi 4c would feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoC, and it has ben confirmed now. Xiaomi’s founder and chairmen, Lei Jun confirmed (via Weibo Post) that Xiaomi Mi 4c would feature Snapdragon 808 SoC.

Chipset in Xiaomi Mi 4c

Lei Jun also mentioned that Xiaomi Mi 4c will have much improved connectivity, and will have 20 percent faster downloading speed.

Double Tap

Xiaomi Mi 4c would have a new feature that would allow you to wake the screen with double tap. It’s kind of cool, isn’t it? When the screen if off, you can double tap on the screen to wake it. It also works in reverse mode. When the screen is turned on, double tap on the screen, and it would go in stand-by mode.

Double tap to wake

They have not said anything about RAM and storage, but we expect Xiaomi Mi 4C to feature 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM, and 3GB RAM with 32GB and 64GB ROM. There will not be MicroSD card slot as usual. It will have a 5 inches FHD display, 13-megapixel primary and 5-megapixels secondary camera, 3080 mAh battery, and will be running on MIUI 7, based on Android Lollipop.

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Update : Xiaomi Mi 4C is launched officially