Windows Phone 8.1 will greet Java Script, higher melting with Windows RT

Microsoft has started to distribute the Software Development Kit (SDK) which will be Windows Phone 8.1 among some developers, and the inevitable leaks have already occurred. That has allowed to know some of the characteristics of this future version of the mobile OS from Redmond.

These include the JavaScript support for Windows Phone applications, but they also have noted changes in the SDK that point to a greater merger of Windows Phone and Windows RT.

Windows Phone and Windows RT, closer

Those applications that leverage the same code HTML and JavaScript “universal application” (Universal Apps) will be referred to the SDK, and among the benefits is the fact that these solutions can be executed regardless of whether we have a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 or a tablet with Windows RT.

That support ” universal binary “is a step in the merger that Microsoft was clear that was emerging from those statements of Julie Larson-Green in which this policy the Redmond company said that “we will not have three” systems operating.

The SDK sample that vocation to unify two platforms that have already taken the first step of that sought merger – the interface and the famous tile – and now go far beyond the code.

Although the merger is not completely in the filtration is not detailed if that support universal binaries go beyond HTML and JavaScript, it seems that Microsoft has taken a big step and that the API for both platforms is increasingly common points. Of time may not only see store applications for tablets and smartphones, but it seems that the total fusion will take much longer to arrive.

Cortana moment is hidden

News also affect choices as to choose the default messaging application, which it did with the camera application. There will be a new option to monitor the status and battery life called “Battery Power Sense” in addition to support VPN and, of course, will be renamed OneDrive SkyDrive.

The one fact that no news at the moment is Cortana, the assistant Siri style which has been talked about for some time and that is not in the SDK. The Bing search options are also limited and fail during this kit for developers, in a likely attempt to hide from time access to the wizard.

Microsoft is expected to offer a preliminary version of the Windows Phone 8.1 Build event to be held from 2 to 4 April in San Francisco.

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