Why Apple should not make unlocking tool for anyone ?

Apple and FB Issue


Recently Apple has been going through some troubles created by FBI in the US where they are asking to unlock an iPhone. Along with the US, France has also made amendment in their law, and they warned Apple to charge $1.1 million for each iPhone they won’t unlock. However, they only difference between France and US demand is; US seeks a Golden Key that will help them to unlock this iPhone as well all other iPhones they want, and France wants Apple to provide unlocking key for certain devices whenever they need to solve a crime or attack.

The demand from the FBI is something most of the people don’t agree with, but many people agrees with France demand, because they seek event base solution not a universal key.

Why Apple Should Not Make Unlocking Tool or a tool to generate unlocking key?

Apple has already given a reason why they are not doing this; Once there is a way to unlock the device, anyone with enough knowledge will be able to do this after some failed attempts.

I don’t think any Country/Government/Police Force/Office has 100% honest officers/employees in the department. France is asking to make something that will enable Apple to generate encrypted keys to unlock certain iPhones in need, but who can guarantee that will be used for this purpose only? Tim Cook/Apple can’t guarantee 100% security to devices after such tool exists. An Employee from the office may decide to sell it to hacker or anyone for money or they may be forced to this. And again Apple will be held responsible for such mishaps.

Apple devices are secure because unlocking tool doesn’t exist. So no one bothers to seek such things. Once they have it, many hackers and users will try their best to get a locked device unlocked.

So government wants to put all users’ privacy at risk eventually. They are not asking for solution, but inviting more trouble. Neither Apple Nor Government can prevent security breach once Apple makes such tools. A long term thought may help them to realize what they are seeking.

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