Apple may pay $1.1M fine for each iPhone they can’t unlock

Tim Cook thoughtful

Recently Apple has been going through much trouble facing court and FBI regarding unlocking an iPhone that belongs to a terrorist. However, Apple denied to make another version or iOS/or provide a universal key to unlock the iPhone.

After US, French Government has also issued a warning for Apple. They have now made little changes in the law, and warned “Apple will have to pay $1.1 million for each iPhone they can’t unlock in need.” Apple will have to help providing an encrypted unlock key for a specific device when they need to resolve a crime or investigate. However, they are not asking for a Universal key like US Government to bypass security of any iPhone.

Earlier this year in January, France rejected the request for forcing the device manufacturers to create a mandatory backdoor for hardware to bypass encryption. However, the recent FBI vs Apple fight has made them to make some amendment in the law.

It’s not just Apple, but Google has also been targeted, and this law would be applicable for all tech companies. They will be forced to provide the key to bypass security during crime investigation, else pay fine. According to publication, French Government could not access the data or 8 iPhones last year during crime investigation.

Well, the issue is still ongoing, and there is no final outcome so far. On the one hand, it may help to resolve some crimes, but it would put all users data at risk on the other. Once a bypass method is made, anyone with the enough knowledge may hack the device, and this may lead in increased number crimes compared to current situation.


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