WhatsApp 4G VIP Version Scam : Don’t Be A Fool

WhatsApp is the most popular social messaging application that you can find almost in all Smartphones. Many app developers and website owners have started taking advantage of WhatsApp popularity. You may see update on Social Media websites, forums or even message from your friends to get WhatsApp 4G VIP version or WhatsApp 4.0. So what is this all about?

WhatsApp 4G or WhatsApp 4.0 VIP Scam

You may see these specifications of WhatsApp 4G VIP app when you visit the App downloading page.

  • Send private message without showing your number.
  • Hidden mode.
  • Video calling.
  • Work on without internet. ??
  • Check profile visitors.
  • Send more than 10 pics at one.
  • Delete your sent messages on both side.
  • Change WhatsApp themes.
  • Support Stickers.
  • Encrypted texts. (The original version has this feature).
  • Free sms and calls to any number.
  • And many more features (that you can dream of). ??

So now you know that this version of WhatsApp work without internet, and if you still believed after reading the features that means you have probably never used a social messaging application.

There are 3 important reasons behind spreading such fake news

  • To make money by asking users to complete Survey before they can download the app ( that never happens).
  • To get traffic to a webpage.
  • To get users detail or infect their device with malware, virus etc..


Why such Scams or Fake news spread like Wildfire

  • They force users to invite a certain number of friends, and then they can download the app. However, they never get to download.
  • Some people believe everything they see on the internet is true.
  • Some users are too busy to browse internet and check if it is really true.

What should you check before sharing such scam or fake update

  • If an app or service force you to invite other users to get access, never trust.
  • If you are asked to complete a Survey so that you can get access, it’s 100% fake.
  • Type the app name in Google Search, and check updates if you have even a little doubt.


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