Download WhatsApp Plus apk for your Android Phone, Why it is better than original WhatsApp?

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of original WhatsApp app, but the original company (WhatsApp) has nothing to do with this application. This application does almost everything WhatsApp can do, and comes with the almost the same user interface. However, WhatsApp Plus provides much more options compared to original WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus apk File for Free

If you don’t have WhatsApp Plus installed on your device. You can install it now, but please understand a couple of things;

  1. WhatsApp Plus app is not operated/monitored by WhatsAppit’s a modified application by third party developer
  2. WhatsApp Plus is not a separate application that you can have along with original WhatsApp on your Smartphone
  3. WhatsApp Plus will replace your existing WhatsApp application, and the recent chat history may or may not appear on WhatsApp Plus. Don’t forget to take backup
  4.  Use WhatsApp on your own risk, we are not responsible for your data protection or anything else
  5. When you visit the download link, you may see Apple Logo on one of them. That’s still an apk file for Android, The only difference between Men and Girl WhatsApp Plus is the color. Men WhatsApp Plus comes in blue color, and the girl one comes in Pink color
  6. Once Download Install the app on your Smartphone (you must enable Allow installation from unknown source to install this app)

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus apk Download Link : Download the apk File here for free

What WhatsApp Plus Offers that WhatsApp Doesn’t


WhatsApp Plus has 6 new features under Privacy option compared to real WhatsApp application. We have explained all these features in detail below, and in the end you will also find a demo video to show how to enable or disable these features.

1. Disable Second Tick (Delivery Report) for Contacts and Groups

When you send a Message to anyone, you see Double Tick with the sent message if the Message is delivered to the user, and when they read Double tick turns Blue. WhatsApp Plus allows to disable that second tick for Contacts as well as Groups. So no one will understand whether the message got delivered or not. WhatsApp lacks this feature.

Please note that the second click will only be seen by sender when you read the message. Once you read it, sender will see second click in blue color (as read receipt). This read receipt blue tick can also be disabled that we will learn next.

How to Disable/Enable Second Tick for Contacts or Groups on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Tap the option button on WhatsApp Plus (located on the top right corner), make sure you are in Chats tab when you tap menu
  2. Tap Privacy
  3. Tap Second Tick
  4. Select hide for Contacts/hide for groups
  5. When you want to enable second tick in future, follow the same procedure, and in the end you need to select Show for Contacts/Show for groups

2. Disable Blue Tick (Read Receipt) For Contacts and Groups

Read Receipt appears with two ticks marks in Blue Color on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp also allows to disable read receipt, but it’s not very useful. You can’t disable read receipt for groups, and when you disable for contacts, you won’t get read receipt as well. So when you disable this feature from your WhatsApp settings, it is disabled for both (sender and receiver).

Well, WhatsApp Plus Allows to disable Read Receipt for Contacts as well as Groups. When you disable read receipt from WhatsApp Plus, you will still get read receipt for the messages you send to other WhatsApp users, but the other WhatsApp users will not get read receipt (blue tick) even you have read their messages.

How to disable/enable read receipt (blue tick) on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Launch WhatsApp Plus Application on your Android Phone
  2. Select Chats tab, Tap on Menu/Option icon
  3. Tap Privacy, and select Blue Ticks
  4. Select Hide for contacts/Hide for group
  5. When Read Receipt (Blue Ticks) is already disabled, you will get the option as Show for contacts/Show for groups. You can tap any of those to enable again

3. Disable Online and Last Seen Status

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, both allows to disable last seen option. However, other WhatsApp users can still see you when you are using WhatsApp. The online status still appears.

WhatsApp Plus allow to disable online status. Once it is disabled, no one can see you online even you are using WhatsApp. However, you can’t see other people online as well.

WhatsApp Online Status

How to Disable/Enable Online Status on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Make sure you are in Chats tab on WhatsApp Plus, and then hit Menu option
  2. Select Privacy, and then hit Hide Online Status
  3. When you wish to enable again, follow the same procedure, and you will get Show Online Status option. Tap on it, and you will be back online for other WhatsApp users

4. Disable Audio Recording Status for contacts and groups

When you start recording an Audio, the receiver can see the activity as “Recording Audio.” WhatsApp Plus allows to disable this feature for Contacts as well as Group. The feature is not quite useful, but some of the users may be using it. WhatsApp lacks this feature.

Disable Recording

How to Disable Recording status on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Launch WhatsApp Plus app, be in Chats tab
  2. Tap the menu icon, and hit Privacy
  3. Tap Recordings, and select Hide for Contacts/Hide for group
  4. You can enable the option later when you want. Follow the same process, and tap on Show for contacts/Show for group in the end, because “Hide” option will be replaced with “Show”

5. Hide Writing Status for Contacts and Group

Just like the recording status, other WhatsApp users can also see you when you are typing a message. WhatsApp Plus Allows to disable this feature for contacts as well as group. The original WhatsApp Messenger application lacks this.

Hide Typing Status

How to hide/show Typing Status on WhatsApp Plus

  1. When you are in WhatsApp Plus application, tap the menu option
  2. Select privacy, and tap Writing Status
  3. Now you can hide or Show this for Contacts or Group

6. Disable Blue MicroPhone icon (heard/play receipt) for Contacts and Groups

Just like text messages, when you send an audio message to any WhatsApp user, the Microphone icon in the voice message appears in gray color. When you play the audio message, the gray icon changed into Blue color for Microphone. That means receiver has read the message. WhatsApp Plus allows to disable this option, and WhatsApp original app doesn’t.

WhatsApp Plus Blue MicroPhone

How to disable/enable Blue MicroPhone (play receipt) on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Select the Chats tab on WhatsApp Plus
  2. Tap Menu option, and select privacy
  3. Tap Blue MicroPhone 
  4. Now you can hide or show this option for group or contacts

Quick video to show all the features we discussed in Privacy section

Lock/Unlock a Chat with Password

WhatsApp Plus allows to lock chats with Password. This feature allows to lock individual chats with 4 digits passcode, so the chat with an individual user will be locked, and rest will remain unlocked. You can lock as many chats as you want, and keep the conversation secure. WhatsApp lacks this great feature.

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Launch WhatsApp Application
  2. Start a new conversation or tap on existing conversation (tap the user to see chat history)
  3. Tap the menu icon (located on the top right corner)
  4. Select Lock Chat
  5. Tap Enable Passcode
  6. Enter the 4-digit passcode, and enter again to confirm
  7. Now the chat is locked. Whenever you tap on a locked contact to type anything or see the chat history, you will have to enter the passcode

How to unlock a locked Chat on WhatsApp Plus

  1. Tap on the chat/user to see chat history, enter the passcode to get into chat history window, and then tap menu option (just like we did while locking Chat)
  2. Now tap Unlock Chat (Unlock Chat option will appear only when the chat is already locked)
  3. Enter the same Passcode you used to lock the chat, and Enter again to confirm

Still facing issue with Locking and Unlocking chat on WhatsApp Plus? Watch this demo video

How to lock WhatsApp Plus application (not separate chat)

This feature is not available on original WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus allows to lock individual chats as well as whole app. We have already learnt how to lock individual chat, now follow these steps to lock the application.

  1. Launch WhatsApp Plus Messenger app
  2. Tap menu icon
  3. Select GB Settings
  4. Scroll down and hit Lock
  5. Hit Enable Passcode
  6. Enter 4-digit numeric Passcode, and enter again to confirm
  7. That’s it, now whenever you open WhatsApp, you will have to enter the Passcode
  8. Disable Passcode : To disable follow the same steps, and in the end where you got the option as Enable Passcode, this will be replaced with Disable Passcode when it is already on. Just tap Disable Passcode option, enter the same passcode you used while locking the app, and enter again to unlock WhatsApp application

How to Search within Chat on WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus allows to search within Chat. If someone has sent you a message, contact or anything, you can search the chat easily. Just follow these steps

  1. Tap on the contact to see chat history
  2. Tap menu option, and select Search
  3. Now type whatever you want to search, and you will find it as long as it exists in the chat history

Send images directly from Web without leaving WhatsApp Plus

This feature is really one of the best feature that you can find in WhatsApp Plus. If you want to send someone an image, and you don’t find anything like that on your Smartphone, there is no need to leave WhatsApp to browse the image via internet browser. WhatsApp Plus has got this feature for you, and WhatsApp really need to learn something from this modified application.

How to search and send images from the Web via WhatsApp Plus without leaving the app

  1. During a chat, hit the menu button on WhatsApp, and select Search Web
  2. Type the keyword to search image, i.e. birthday, funny, love etc.
  3. Tap on any picture you want to send
  4. Now you will be on  the screen where you can crop the image or add a caption if you want
  5. Click on the Send button (with arrow sign), and you are done

If you are still facing any issue, watch this short video

How to Delete Recent Emojis on WhatsApp Plus

This feature is not available on original WhatsApp, but could be useful sometimes when you want to clear all the emojis you have recently used. When you press emojis icon, recent emojis are shown that you have used. Clearing this will clean recent emojis for all chats, so use wisely.

Deleting Recent emojis

  1. Tap on any contact to start a new conversation or see chat history
  2. Tap menu option, and hit Delete Recent Emojis
  3. You will be asked to restart WhatsApp, tap OK to confirm
  4. Now WhatsApp will restart in a couple of seconds, and then Emojis history will be cleared

Restart WhatsApp

This feature could be useful only when WhatsApp is not working properly, and it got slow down due to any reason. You can simply tap on the menu option and hit “Restart” button. WhatsApp will shut down and start automatically.

Restart WhatsApp

Some more features that WhatsApp Plus has got, and the original WhatsApp lacks

WhatsApp does allow to set a custom or preloaded wallpaper as WhatsApp Background during chat, but WhatsApp Plus comes with much more than that.

To customize your WhatsApp, simply tap the menu option, and hit GB Settings, and you will get much more customization, probably more than your expectation. You can change Chat Header,  color, add pics, or use Translucent mode. You can customize popup notification, Widget, change media sharing options, lock WhatsApp application with passcode and much more…

WhatsApp Plus log

WhatsApp Plus has got one Log option to see your activity on WhatsApp. Anytime you want to see the log, you can tap the Plus icon (+), and then hit the log icon. Check the screenshot below for clarification

WhatsApp Plus Log

I got banned from WhatsApp, What to do?

This doesn’t happen usually, but it may happen. If you have been banned from using WhatsApp, you will have to uninstall WhatsApp Plus from your Smartphone, and install the real WhatsApp application from Google Play Store. You will be unblocked automatically after 24 hours. If it doesn’t happen, you need to contact WhatsApp. Please more on

Can I use WhatsApp Plus on iPhone ?

WhatsApp Plus is available for Android only, so this is not possible.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus on Mac OS X and Windows ?

No, but Yes. Actually, WhatsApp Plus doesn’t have any official application for PC and Mac, but there is little work around to install any Android App on Mac and Windows PCs. Please read our article to learn how you can run Android Apps on Mac and Windows.