12 Features that make Telegram Messenger app better than WhatsApp

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WhatsApp was initially released in January 2010 when Social Messengers apps had great opportunities to grow. However, Telegram was launched in August 2013, more than 3 and half years later after WhatsApp launch. So Telegram had the opportunity to learn from many other social messaging application, and add great features to its application, and they did.

12 Telegram features that WhatsApp lacks

Telegram Desktop

1. App for Mac and PCs with complete feature

You may say, I am wrong about the app thing, but think twice. WhatsApp does have an app for Mac and PC, but that application is not very useful. You must use a Smartphone to use WhatsApp on the computer because it requires you to scan QR Code. However, Telegram application for Mac or Windows sets you free from the Smartphone. All you need is a mobile that can receive text SMS. When you launch Telegram App on computer first time, it will ask to enter your Mobile number. Enter the number, and you will receive a verification code just like you do while registering via a Smartphone. Enter the verification code on Computer, and you are done. Now you don’t need the mobile, and Telegram will work as long as you want. It doesn’t log you out even after the update. So you may only need to verify again when you uninstall the app and reinstall later. You can download the app from Telegram Website

Telegram Web and Desktop

2. Telegram Web App Works like Mobile App

Web Version of Telegram Messenger application works just like Desktop or Mobile version. It doesn’t require any QR Code Scan like WhatsApp. You get the option to use any mobile number even on the web version, and you receive a text message from Telegram with a verification code. Thereafter, you don’t need mobile. Try Telegram Web here

3 . Limitation with numbers of Images or Videos you can send at a Time

WhatsApp allows to send up to 1o videos or photos only at a time, but Telegram puts no boundaries. Have you got many beautiful moments, and want to share them all in one go without wasting so much time? Telegram has got this. Send as many as you want, even 100, 200, 500… I have tried sending 761 Photos/Video in one go, and it worked perfectly fine. So I don’t think it there is any limitation. You can even send thousands or more. (Let me know if you know the maximum limit, if any).

4. Limitation with File Size

The maximum size of the file sent from WhatsApp should not exceed 16MB in case of video. If you are sending a document, you can send up to 100 MB of the file. However, Telegram allows sending any size of videos or documents. If you want to send someone a video file that contains full Movie, you can do it with Telegram.

5. Supported File Format

WhatsApp supports just images, Videos, and Documents (PDF Only), but Telegram supports anything and everything. Whether you want to send an Android as apk file, a PC app as an exe file, PPT, ZIP or file in any format, Telegram can do this without binding you any size limitation.

6. Secret Chat

WhatsApp has started encrypting chat messages, but still lacks Secret Chat feature of the telegram. This feature allows having the safe and secure chat you can have on any Social Messenger. It leaves no trace on the server, chat messages are encrypted, the forwarding option is disabled from such messages, and once you are done with the chat, you can choose to self-destruction time between 1Second to 1 week, and the chat history will be erased automatically without leaving a trace.

Telegram Self Destruction

7. Picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture is a new feature that Telegram has added with the new version of its app. If someone has sent you a video while chatting, you can shrink the video and continue to watch and listen while doing typing messages or Chatting.

Telegram Picture in Picture

8. Lock the app with Passcode or Touch ID

TeleGram app allows setting auto lock for the app. So when you are away for more than the specified duration, Telegram will ask to enter the Passcode or use Touch ID to get access. If you want to set a strong password, you can disable Simple Password option of the app. Passcode lock option can be found under Privacy and Security section.

Telegram Security

9. Stickers and GIFs

GIFs are very popular these days, even Google Image Search has a custom option to find such animated images. However, What’s doesn’t support animation from GIFs. Users can send a GIF image via WhatsApp, but it is sent as a still image. Along with GIFs, WhatsApp doesn’t come with any stickers. Telegram comes with preloaded stickers and it also supports GIFs. Users can even enable autoplay for GIFs from Chat Settings.

WhatsApp GIF and Stickers

10. 2-step verification

Along with Passcode and Secret Chat, there is also 2 step verification option that users can enable on Telegram for additional security. When you log in via a new device, you will require an additional password in addition to the verification code sent to a mobile number if the 2 step verification is enabled.

11.  Choose a Username

Telegram allows choosing a UserName that is optional. If you choose a UserName, other Telegram users will be able to find you with your UserName as well as contact ID. However, WhatsApp users can be found with contact numbers only.

12. Search Within Chat

Along with contact search, Telegram also allows searching within chat messages. If  you have talked to someone regarding anything, and you can’t find it, you can always use the Search option within chat to find. This feature is not available in WhatsApp, but a modded version (know as WhatsApp Plus ) has this feature as well as app locking feature.

Telegram Lacks: The only thing that telegram lacks compared to WhatsApp is the VOIP. You can’t make free calls from Telegram to other Telegram Users. However, this feature is not available in the United Arab Emirates, so I don’t get a chance to use even with VPN. This is the only feature in other regions that makes WhatsApp better, else Telegram is the best.

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