What is the apple watch sport production cost? Research reveals the secret

Apple watch sport

According to the IHS Apple is making huge profit from Apple watches. They have broke down the cost of an Apple watch Sport edition, and the total direct material cost came to $ 81.20 plus they added $ 2.50 conversion cost. So the total production cost of Apple watch Sport came to $ 83.70. Apple watch sport edition is available for $ 349 without Apple care and support. If you add Apple care+support, the price will increase by $ 49 and you need to pay $ 398 for Apple watch sport edition.

apple watch sport costIHD explained the each part of Apple watch sport and broke the cost down to explained how they came to the figure of $ 81.20 or $83.70. Here is the detailed cost of each component provided by IHS:

Apple watch sport cost break down

Now you have seen the cost break down of Apple Watch Sport, but if you also want to know each part of the Apple Watch Sport, Here you are.

Apple watch sport parts


Image credit: IHS



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