Apple watch durability test, rather torture on Apple Watch for no reason

You must have seen Apple watch durability test video, like Apple watch water resistant test or drop. These kind of tests can be called tests, but when some one fire bullet on Apple Watch, Put it in nitrogen explosion or hammer it, what will you call it? It’s height of craziness, isn’t it. When you are caught in fire, I don’t think you are not going to care if your watch is safe. Well, whatever the reason is FullMag has done some torture kind of test, and here are the videos:

This drop test is fair enough to check the durability:

Now here comes the craziest tests that make no sense. It’s not really Apple watch durability test, but torture on the device.

Now tell me if those kind of tests have any explanation. If you got caught in such situation, your watch may be lucky, but your chance to meet God is 99%. 😀 😛  Don’t need to think about such durability test of Apple watch. Just wear the watch if you like, or you can also try hammer test when you have it on your wrist. 😀 Hahahah. Just kidding!

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