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Motu Patlu, also known as Motu Patlu Ki Jodi is a fun animated TV Show, written and directed by Suhad D Kadav. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, you would love to watch the episodes of Motu Patlu. There are 6 main characters of this TV Show; Motu, Patlu, John The Don, Inspector Chingam, Ghasita Ram and Dr. Jhatka.

  1. Motu :  Motu is the best friend of Patlu, but he is very lazy. Motu keeps putting himself and his friends in trouble because he doesn’t think before speaking or taking a challenge. Most of the time he relies on Patlu to get out of any trouble. However, Motu gets wiser and brave after eating Samosa. He loves to eat Samosa, and he can do anything for Samosas.
  2. Patlu : Patlu lives with Motu, and they are best friends. Patlu is very clever and he has lots of ideas to solve any issue. When Patlu can’t resolve an issue or fix something, he brings Samosas for Motu, because he knows that Motu can achieve anything when he has Samosas to eat.
  3. John The Don : He is very short in height, and a criminal. He keeps trying to create trouble for Motu and Patlu because he wants them to run out of the town. However, he keeps losing and find it very difficult to defeat Motu and Patlu.
  4. Inspector Chingam : Most of the time inspector Chingam can be found on riding his bike. He speaks Hindi like South Indian people that sound funny to listen. Every time he chases someone keeps on repeating that “Inspector Chingam se changul se bachna, impossible,” that means “no one can escape from Inspector Chingam.” However, he keeps failing.
  5. Ghasita Ram : Ghasita Ram is another friend of Motu and Patlu. He is a Bengali, but he speaks Hindi, and that sounds very funny. Every time he is asked to do a work, he said that “Mere 20 saal ka tazurba hai,” that means “I have 20 years of experience” doing that specific work. However, he can’t do any work successfully.
  6. Dr. Jhatka : Most of the time Dr. Jhatka is seen with Ghasita Ram. Motu, Patlu, Ghasita Ram and Dr. Jhatka, they all are friends. Dr. Jhatka is a scientist, and keep inventing new things. However, his all inventions keep putting all friends in trouble.

There are some characters, Boxer who is Motu and Patlu’s neighbor, ChaiWala who makes very tasty Samosa, Number 1 and Number 2 act as John The Don’s goon etc..

Motu Patlu episodes have been made in Hindi language, but those who speak Urdu can easily understand. Its episodes have also been dubbed in Tamil and Telugu languages. The first show “John Banega Don” was released on October 16, 2012.

Where to Watch Motu Patlu Full Episodes Videos in Hindi / Urdu, Tamil, and Telugu

  • Motu Patlu Episodes in Hindi / Urdu : Vist this YouTube Page
  • Motu Patlu in Tamil Langauge :  Unfortunately, removed by its maker from YouTube
  • Motu Patlu in Telugu LanguageUnfortunately, removed by its maker from YouTube

All the episodes are available in Full HD (1080p), so you can enjoy great quality videos and sound. If your net speed is not good, or you have a limited data plan, you should choose to watch is lower quality to save data and watch without buffering.

How to Download Motu Patlu Videos

All the Motu Patlu episodes can be found on YouTube, and there are many ways to download Videos from YouTube. We have already explained it many times. You should read any of these articles depending on the device you are using.

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