Vivo Xplay 5S to come with 4K display and Snapdragon 820

Vivo Xplays 5s 4k display

These days smartphones’ specs are getting much advanced due to competition. For some this might be ridiculous, but some users love it. Sony Xperia Z5 premium is the first smartphone to feature 4K display, but you still get 1080 pixels display for everyday use, and 4K works while watching videos.

Vivo Xplay 5s was rumored to have Snapdragon 805 chipset inside along with 3GB RAM and 2K display, this is what Oppomart has also listed on their website.

However, there is new rumor coming from Weibo Social Network. According to recent rumor, Vivo Xplay 5s would feature a 6 inches 4K display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 Chipset, 64GB ROM, 21-megapixel primary and 12-megapixel front camera, 4000 mAh battery. Along with these Vivo would also add HiFi Audio, Quick Charger, and integration for Xplay Video Camera and Xshot. Vivo Xplay 5s will be running on new FunTouch OS (probably based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow).

Vivo Xplay 5s has been rumored to arrive in December 2015, but this seems impossible. Snapdragon 820 is not expected to arrive in 2015, because Qualcomm is not ready to launch and wants to optimize it more. If the rumor about Xplay 5s is true, they may have to delay the launch depending on Snapdragon 820 launch.

6-inch 4K display sound greats, but they may also do something like Sony did. 4K display will drain the battery quickly, so they may feature 2K display for everyday use and 4K for video play. According to configuration, it’s a no compromise phone with the best possible specs. There is only one thing that may keep some users away from this device, its Dimension. 6 inches is too larg for some people, and Xplay 5S is not really compact. Vivo Xplay 5s would be sold like hot cakes if only the rumor turns into real.

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