Virus or Infection Types, Symptoms, Removal Tools and Precaution to Save Your Computer From Infection

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virus-infection-to-a-computerA computer virus is like a severe disease in machine, which occurs in form of a program, source code, image, etc. In order to attack the system, a program either creates its duplicate copies by reproducing itself or harm other machine applications by automatically modifying their default settings without any permission. Not only in computers but, this virus also occurs in smart phones, android, tablets, and all other communicating devices. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a brief knowledge about different virus in phone or system, remedies to be prevent from such harmful damage, and anti-virus programs that keep your computer safe from such malicious viruses or infections.

Find Out Different Forms Of Malware With Their Appearance Details

Malware is a software that harm the working of the computer, damage system/storage files, or negatively impact on electronic communication devices. There are uncountable types of malware and some of the common types are mentioned below:

What are Computer Worms

Worms: This type of malware generally occurs in a computer network. Basically, it is a type of software that can cause harm by creating replicates on its own (in one computer) for spreading over other computers that are connected to source system. However, a computer worm is most likely to attack several computers at one time because it does not require any attachment with an existing application.

trojan-horse-definitionWhat is Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse: The files which cause Trojan horse are differently structured from another type of computer files or programs. Such file enters into a system when computer users download and install software from the internet, that are designed with the incentive of harming a machine.

definition-of-spywareWhat is Spyware

Spyware: It is basically a software that is configured on a computer without any knowledge of its owner. Such software applications are embedded by a cracker or hacker with intention of gathering information from others’ computer in a secretive manner.

virus-definitionWhat is Virus

Virus: A virus is program code that is executed on a computer without its owner permission and thus result in damage to system files. Such problem may result in a hard disk crash, cause errors in installed computer application, misbehavior of machine, etc. However, these viruses codes are not automatically generated by a system, they are developed by a technical person whose aim is to harm others’ machine.

crimewareWhat is CrimeWare

CrimeWare: It is basically a malicious software or program that is developed with a purpose of committing a cyber-crime. In this present era, this has become a common way of attacking others’ system. For example, an intruder illegally encrypts data, and ask a user to pay a certain amount of money for decrypting it. Ransomware is one of the examples of such infection.

what-is-rootkitWhat is RootKit

RootKit: It is an application that is appended with the operating system of the computer, by replacing some elements with the necessary executable of the machine. Intruders keep the malicious software in a hidden mode and thus, users are unable to determine that their machine is having any harmful program.

adware-definitionWhat is AdWare

AdWare: Its name only defines its way of affecting a computer. Well, it is advertisement program that provides adds for generating revenue to corresponding authors. Whenever a user installs a new application on his machine the associated adds automatically enters on a machine and this causes harm to the system.

list of apps infected by Xcode Ghost MalwareWhat is Malware

Malware or malicious software is an umbrella term that used to define various infections, including Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware etc… Almost all the infections can be taken as Malware. A system may get malware infection due to various reasons, like installing an infected software, browsing those webpages that distribute malware etc.. Malware makes system performance worse, steal information, display unwanted advertising and so on… Last year, so many iOS apps in the app store were found infected by YiSpecter and XCodeGhost Malware.

How to Identify Your System in Infected by Malware, Virus, Trojan etc..

symptom-of-virus-infectionWhen virus enters into computer, the common symptom is that a user will experience wicked behavior of machine or a phone where applications will not be working properly, different errors will occur, sudden window shut down, etc. In addition, following are the signs that indicates that virus had occurred in computer:

  • Appearance of Irrelevant Messages: When virus had occurred in a phone or laptop, a person will experience different pop-up messages on their screen that may be either an ad or something else.
  • Degradation in Computer Performance: The speed of the system will get slow i.e., the computer programs will open very slowly than their usual speed. However, the virus slows down the CPU performance and hence, a trouble while accessing files.
  • Experience Different System Error Messages: Whenever you will try to open an application on virus suffering machine, you may encounter an error window indicating that you are unable to access one or the other application.
  • Unable to Open the Computer System At Once: The virus affects the system or internal storage of a computer and this creates a problem whenever a person tries to open an application on the machine. Moreover, the directory also gets corrupted, and it may not be accessible.

Precautions to Protect a Computer from Viruses

precaution-to-protect-your-computerAs per discussed earlier that virus is like a disease in computers, therefore, it is mandatory to take some protective measures to safe any electronic communicating devices from the virus. The possible ways to protect computer from viruses are as followed:

  • Proper Installation of Anti-virus Programs: It is compulsory that users choose a correct anti-virus software, which protects computer from viruses and malicious attacks. All these programs are easily available on web market and thus you can either purchase them or freely download & install them on your machine.
  • Ignore Downloading Of Pirated Software: Another advice to a computer operator is that they should not download any type of software, which are copied illegally. Before downloading any kind of software, first, check their documents and then download the program.
  • Be Updated With Latest Versions of Browsers: Instead of ignoring the app/browser update messages, a user should update their application time-to-time. It is so because the updated versions are appended with latest encryption algorithms and thus experience a more secure browsing.
  • Regularly Check & Install the Updates: Whether you are using a Mac or Windows, you should know that updates brings security patches within it to keep the system protected. Therefore, once in a weak a computer user should check the Windows update and if any updates are available, then without wasting a single second click on update button to start updating operating system, but don’t forget to backup system before you update.
  • Ignore the Spam Ads or Suspicious Link on a Website: Generally, you find some advertisement links or internal links while browsing a website. If these internal links are not of any use, then a person should not click on these links because such interlinks may cause virus infection on your machine by just one click.
  • Scan the Email Attachments Before Saving Them: Whenever, a user receives a mail he is advised to scan the attachment before saving or opening it on the computer. An intruder can send emails with the mission of harming the computer. If you are unaware of the fact that who has sent the mail, then it is better that you don’t open that email attachment.
  • Don’t connect to an untrusted WiFi : We all love the free internet, but you should avoid connecting to an open WiFi connection that you don’t identify.

Best Virus And Malware Removal Tools

In today’s scenario, there are around hundreds of antivirus software for Mac, PC, Linux or Android available within the market. Most of the antivirus apps let users scan computer as well as external storage devices, like USB Stick, MicroSD Card, External Hard Disk Drive etc.. Well, when one is talking about best antivirus software, then you can trust these applications:

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

It is an anti-virus product that was developed by Kaspersky Lab and designed for protecting computer from viruses and malicious attacks. The product is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. It is recommend to operate this product because this also perform Root-Kit scanning, which is not generally available in other anti-virus applications. Kaspersky has different type of protection products for Mac, Windows and Android Devices:

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus
  2. Kaspersky internet security
  3. Kaspersky total security
  4. Kaspersky internet security for Android
  5. Free Virus Scan Stool

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Avast Free and Paid Anti-Virus Software

Avast have Antivirus software for Mac, Windows as well as Android, which prevents computer from malicious software, and if any virus had entered in the system, then it will detect and remove those viruses from the machine. An Android user can download free Avast antivirus from Google Play Store, and Computer users can visit Avast Website to get Paid or Free version of its antivirus.

Avira Free & Pro Anti-virus Program

It is an another antivirus application that secures computer and mobile phones against spyware and malicious software. The Avira application could be the best option for those who want a free program that gives protection to the system.

Visit Avira for to get the free product

Norton Security Anti-virus Program

One of the most popular antivirus application that is capable of providing real-time protection against existing and emerging viruses or malware. In order to experience the complete functioning of this software, a person will have to purchase the product from its official website. In general, the license get expired in one year therefore, you need to pay subscription fee every year. They also have the option to pay for 2 years in one go. 

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McAfee Anti-virus Tool

McAfee ensure its users that their machine will be protected from any type of threats and hence, the users don’t need to worry about any damage to the machine. The tool regularly update its database in order to be updated from latest viruses and thus, software is capable of detecting any kind of threat. Like other antivirus applications, McAfee also comes with free trial. So you can test the app, and purchase if you like it.

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Malwarebytes : Best Malware and Adware Removal Tool

If your system is already infected, and you can feel the issue while using the internet browser or any other app on your Mac or Windows computer. Malwarebytes could be the best solution. Malwarebytes offer a free Malware and Adware removal tool, and it’s very efficient in removing an infection. It doesn’t protect a system in real time, but it can scan the system, show infections, and then remove it. However, don’t forget to restart the system after Malwarebytes has done its job. Malwarebytes is for Mac, and Windows user can get an advantage for a trial version.

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Time to Conclude Our Views

Computer and the internet are playing an important role in our lives. Therefore, it should be a duty of each and every person to the safe electronic device from virus attacks and malware. Such type of malicious software could result in data loss, degradation in computer performance, file corruption, etc. To be a safeguard from such attacks, it should be in habit of all computer users that they should be having an anti-virus program installed on their machine. This will not only help in protecting the computer from viruses but also help a user to keep data in a secure manner. As compared with all other anti virus applications, it is recommended to use Kaspersky licensed version because the way of security it provide is different from other tools; else other free utilities are also good.

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