How to remove OS X Ransomware “OSX.KeRanger.A,”

Transmission is a ad-free BitTottent for Mac, that can be downloaded for free. Some days ago, Transmission released a new update of its app as Transmission 2.90. So this update affected all the users who installed it on their Mac.

OS X Ransomware “OSX.KeRanger.A”

Transmission 2.90 version is malware affected, and it has brought the Ransomware Malware to Mac users. It has been noted that after a couple of days of installation this Ransomware malware encrypt the Mac’s Hard Disk. After the encryption, it asks users to pay a certain amount to get the hard disk decrypted to have access to their data.

Transmission 2.90 contains a malicious file “KeRanger,” and it was signed with valid Mac app development certificate, so it was able to bypass Apple’s Gatekeeper protection. However, Apple has now revoked the certificate, and GateKeeper will not allow to install this app anymore, PaloAltoNetworks reported. It is a good news for those who have not installed this malicious app on their system, but how about those who have already installed.

Resolving Mac OS X ransomware

How to Remove OS X Ransomware “KeRanger” Malware

Transmission has also taken steps to resolve this issue. They have released a new version of this app Transmission 2.92, and all Transmission users have been asked to update to this version immediately. After Transmission 2.92 installation, the Ransomware Malware will be remove, and users will have access to their data. They also mentioned that Transmission 2.91 didn’t have such issue, but those users have also been asked to upgrade to version 2.92.

You can download Transmission 2.92 here

So far there is no other solution to get rid of this KeyRanger Ransomware. By the way, Transmission is not the only BitTorrent for Mac, you can also use FOLX 4 that is the best download manager for Mac. It also allows to download Torrent as well as YouTube files. You can try free version of this app, and upgrade to the Pro version to get more features.

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